Love Is Blind: Alexa and Brennon Reveal If They Signed a Prenuptial Agreement

Love Is Blind's Alexa and Brennon open up about their prenup, revealing whether they signed a prenuptial agreement and their stance on couples who do.

Love Is Blind fan-favorite couple Alexa Alfia Lemieux and Brennon Lemieux have revealed more marriage details to their followers, including whether they signed a prenuptial agreement. Alexa and Brennon have never been afraid to reveal some of the details of their marriage. From the moment they were in the pod, they talked openly about their union, how much they loved each other, and their expectations for marriage.

The duo once again updated their followers on their current location. Recently, Alexa and Brennon decided to take a fun road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and also revealed more about their marriage. During the tour, the pair answered several questions from fans via an Instagram Q&A. One of the issues was finding out whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement. “No, we never had one. I never asked for it either,” the Texan native responded, according to People. She went on to explain that signing a prenuptial agreement was never really in her interest thing. She revealed that Brunnon came up with the idea in order to protect her. Although Alexa made it clear She's not interested in signing a prenuptial agreement for their marriage, and she admits there's nothing wrong with a couple signing one. Additionally, she suggests that anyone in a relationship can file for a prenuptial agreement, regardless of their financial status.

Brennon Shares Insight On Why A Prenup Is Necessary

Alexa and Brennon continue to inspire their Love Is Blind fans as Brennon explains why a prenuptial agreement might be necessary. "It's just assigning stuff up front so you don't have to go through a big legal battle trying to take his stuff and mine," he explained, adding that there's nothing wrong with partners asking. Prenuptial agreement before marriage. He added that when negative situations arise in the marriage, it is in the interests of both spouses.

Although Alexa and Brennon are still together, many Love Is Blind couples broke up after the season aired. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, two married couples from Season 2 of "Love Is Blind" who later divorced. For 'Love Is Blind' Season 3, SK Alagbada and Raven Ross Reconcile After Altar Split, But Decide To Part Ways To Continue Again A month after SK was accused of cheating.

While Alphia and Brunnon got along well in the pods, dealing with their relationship in real life became more challenging as they had to learn how to resolve conflict and deal with their different family backgrounds. However, the Love Is Blind couple has proven that they can trust each other whether they get a prenuptial agreement or not. For the most part, fans of the Love Is Blind couple believe their marriage will stand the test of time, given the progress they've made thus far.

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