Lindsie Chrisley reveals her parents' plan before going to jail

Lindsie Chrisley says before her Chrisley Knows Best parents report to prison, they are using their time wisely with faith and family.

Lindsie Chrisley, daughter of Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley, shares some of her parents' plans before going to prison after their recent sentences. The star of the now-cancelled show Chrisley Knows Best will go to jail for financial crimes. Todd and Julie will report to a Florida prison on New Year's Day, January 17.

Lindsie recently opened up about what her parents planned to do before going to prison. She told people the Chrisley Knows Best star wasn't wasting any of their time out of jail. "I'm spending time with my parents on the phone because ... I don't have enough time to go to Nashville and be there until January." She shared that it was hard to adjust, but everyone is adjusting to the "new normal".

Lindsie Chrisley Says Chrisley Knows Best Parents In Therapy

Lindsie shares that her parents "devote their time to therapy and their Bible studies and their children." Despite all the public scrutiny the family faces during the trial, Chrisley knows the best couples have been try to make the most of their time With their families until they have to report to prison. Todd was jailed for 12 years and Jolie was jailed for seven years. After serving their sentences, they will both be on probation for 16 months. Despite the guilty verdicts, the couple maintained their innocence. The couple also filed an appeal in their case, but will still need to report to prison while the appeal is being processed anyway.

For all the scrutiny the Chrisley Knows Best family faced, Lindsie faced her fair share of scrutiny, accusing her of being involved in financial fraud and even celebrating when her parents were found guilty. Even though she has denied all of these allegations against her, that hasn't stopped people from saying a lot about her on social media. Still, Lindsay has been openly on her parents' side, and some of her friends have supported her through the difficult times their family has been going through.

Former Chrisley Knows Best stars are spending this chapter of their lives in the public eye. Lindsie always puts herself first The scandal her family has been enduring. With their TV shows both cancelled, it's good that Lindsie has made a name for herself outside of the family with her podcast and has the support of her friends and other siblings and parents who are going through it all together.

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