Kim Plath pissed off the way Welcome to Plathville fans in 2022

For an entire year, Kim Plath's Welcome to Plath really upset viewers after multiple PR stunts hurt her large and separated family.

As the year winds down, followers of Welcome to Plathville can't help but think of every time Kim Plath pissed them off. The matriarch of the Plath family has recently made some drastic changes to focus on herself rather than her family. Instead of standing up for her morals, Kim throws in the towel and sets out to make up for lost time in her youth.

Welcome to Plathville Fans meet for the first time DUI-arrested Kim, a devoted stay-at-home mom who devotes herself to running her family and homeschooling her nine children. The Plaths come across as modern-day von Trapps, as they owned their own instruments and liked to sing in church. Kim is the moral police of her entire family, and her daughter Moriah Plath is often the black sheep with her style and attitude. Over the past year, however, viewers have noticed some odd changes in Kim.

Kim Plath Is Now Wearing Mini Skirts

When Kim took to the screen in Season 4's Welcome to Placeville, fans were left dumbfounded when her mother wore a skintight electric blue miniskirt. On set, she was teaching her young daughters how to dance. Everyone who watched was stunned Sudden wardrobe changes, especially since the egotistical Kim whose daughters always wear long skirts and no pants. The change seemed to happen overnight, leaving viewers uneasy about the new Kim.

Kim Plath Has Stopped Homeschooling Her Younger Kid

In previous seasons of Welcome to Plathville, Kim seemed to enjoy being the teacher of the Plath family's younger children. She explained to the audience that the public school system wasn't right for her children because she wanted a more Christian education. Fast-forward to Welcome to Plathville Season 4, where Kim keeps her girls aloft without lesson plan insight. Kim's daughter, Lydia Plath, is forced to pick up the pieces and take over teaching duties. Fans wondered where she'd gone, and it turned out Kim was more interested in her now-closed dance studio, dates, and going to the gym.

Kim Plath Left Barry Path

Kim and Barry are two kindred spirits as they move forward in the fundamentalist Christian faith. After romping and getting involved in sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll in Florida, the two hear the voice of God calling them to start living a simple life. However, gold Tired of her Christian lifestyle and realizes that Barry isn't her true love after all. Welcome to Plathville Season 4 shows the two falling apart and Kim moving out. For most fans who thought Kim was ditching her entire family, this move was the nail in the coffin.

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