Kim Kardashian Fans Think She's Got More Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian recently appeared on a podcast, and fans thought her different looks were proof that she had more plastic surgery on her face.

Kim Kardashian fans are rooting for her again after the Kim Kardashian star looked different in a recent appearance. Kim and her family have been hit with cosmetic surgery allegations for much of her career. However, they refuse to acknowledge the programs they have. It's clear that Kim looks a lot different than when she first stepped into the spotlight. Her younger sister, Khloé Kardashian, also looks a lot different than she used to. This frustrates a lot of people because they think it sets unrealistic beauty standards for women. In July, Kim claimed she'd never had fillers, but fans thought that was a lie.

Kim recently appeared on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast, and fans thought Kim didn't look like herself. Reddit user worshipKyIie shared a clip of Kim talking about the recent Balenciaga scandal on her podcast, but fans were preoccupied with her looks. "Her face looks so different," wrote one fan, while others mentioned that she resembled the Olsen twins and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. "Is it just me, or does she look like she got her lips done?" asked another fan. Other fans suggested she may have had surgery on her jaw, eyes and nose.

Kim's Podcast Episode Wasn't Edited Like Her Instagram Photos

They also believe she had buccal fat removed, a popular procedure that removes fat around the cheeks to shape the face. However, one fan suggested that Kim might just look different because the camera was close to her face and she wasn't heavily edited like the social media photo. The fan also suggested that Kim's recent weight loss may have affected her looks. Kim has gotten thinner recently, and fans speculate she's had her BBL removed. Many people criticized her, saying that now that she is not married to Kanye West, she doesn't want to look like a black woman anymore.

Kim's observant fans are right to think she looks different. However, this is not uncommon. Kim's appearance has changed dramatically over the years. Whether her new look is due to plastic surgery, weight loss, or the lack of filters in her podcast videos, it's not shocking to see Kim look different than usual. If fans were expecting answers about why Kim looks different, they might be disappointed. The Kardashians haven't acknowledged their proceedings during their decade in the spotlight, so they won't be starting now.

If anything, Kim looks more like Be more natural than usual on podcast episodes. Fans think she looks different because she hasn't been edited as usual, which probably makes the most sense. Kim had some interesting things to say on the podcast episode, unfortunately fans were more focused on her looks. Since the Kardashian star has taken her looks so seriously over the years, it's unlikely her fans will stop picking on her looks. Hopefully, in the future, though, they can limit how much they focus on Kim's face.

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