Jay Garrick Flash's Cameo In Stargirl Finale Clarified By Showrunner

Stargirl maker Geoff Johns breaks down the return of John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick incarnation of the Streak within the series' season 3 finale.

Stargirl maker Geoff Johns breaks down the return of John Wesley Shipp's incarnation of The Streak taking after Jay Garrick's shocking return within the epilog of the series' season 3 finale. Shipp to begin with depicted Garrick in season 2 of The CW's The Streak, reprising the part in afterward seasons of the appear whereas moreover making his Stargirl make a big appearance in season 2. In Stargirl season 3, scene 13, "Frenemies - Chapter Thirteen: The Figuring", Garrick hinders Jonathan Shake's The Shade amid a guided visit of a Equity Society of America exhibition hall 10 a long time after the occasions of the arrangement, where he enlisted Richard Quick to confront a modern risk.

Amid a visitor appearance on The Streak Podcast, Johns was inquired whether the Stargirl season 3 finale flash-forward epilog was created with input from The Flash's showrunner Eric Wallace. Johns affirmed that he had examined Garrick's appearance with Wallace, but intentioned set it within the future to dodge potential progression issues in trusts of making a minute that may shock gatherings of people with its returning cast individuals. Check out John's full reaction underneath:

"I talked to Eric about The Flash and how we were using him just so he knew and kept everyone up to speed. But because it’s in the future, so to speak – no pun intended – it didn’t really affect the other show. That final scene with Jonathan Cake, who played a wonderful Shade, such an amazing actor – our whole cast from A to Z was brilliant – but having that last scene be [about] The Shade and the Golden Age Flash, was really important. The Shade hadn’t showed up in a while and Jay Garrick was a nice surprise. I don’t think people are seeing him coming, which is cool."

Whereas Stargirl's last minutes given fans with one final little hybrid over the Arrowverse series, it isn't the primary time that individuals of Stargirl's cast have showed up in other arrangement. Within the Emergency on Interminable Soil hybrid that disclosed in December 2019 and January 2020 over scenes of Bolt, The Streak, Supergirl, Batgirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Dark Lightning, LaMonica Garrett's contemptible Anti-Monitor's wave of antimatter debilitated to demolish different substances over the multiverse. As such, Stargirl's Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, and Anjelika Washington showed up as Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Wildcat, Hourman, and Specialist Mid-Nite through document film of the arrangement, in spite of the appear having not debuted however.

Whereas brief, Stargirl's incorporation within the occasion built up itself as not as it were a portion of the Arrowverse, but as portion of a more prominent multiverse comprising of numerous of DC's past live-action preparations, nearby unique substances made particularly for the occasion. Nearby characters counting Tom Ellis' Lucifer, Tom Welling's Superman, Brandon Routh's Superman, and Ezra Miller's Flash playing parts within the occasion, Burt Ward and Robert Wuhl each made brief cameos as their particular Batman 1966 and Batman 1989 characters, whereas chronicle film of Stargirl, Green Light, Titans, Overwhelm Thing, and Fate Watch was utilized in a last montage. With Stargirl being set up as portion of this multiverse, Shipp reprised his part as Earth-2's Jay Garrick in Stargirl season 2 taking after past appearances in other Arrowverse appears as an unique part of the show's Equity Society of America.

In spite of the fact that his appearance was brief, the return of Shipp's Jay Garrick in Stargirl's season 3 finale could be a culminate incorporation to celebrate the show's conclusion. Not as it were does The Shade's going before visit and assembly with Garrick give Stargirl's gathering of people with a brief see at a confident future for the Equity Society of America for Earth-2, but Shipp's appearance is additionally a fitting goodbye to the multiversal perspective of the Arrowverese, as the establishment plans to wind down taking after the conclusions of different arrangement counting The Streak and Legends of Tomorrow. Whereas John's thought for Garrick's Stargirl appearance was intentioned made to not run the show out potential cameos in season 9 of The Streak, the character's finale scenes in Stargirl allow fans trust that whereas the Arrowverse may be finishing, its heroes will proceed to do what they do best and ensure the citizens of their universes past their on-screen experiences.

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