Jack Ryan Season 3 Misses Red October Ramius Set

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan made some callbacks to other Tom Clancy adaptations, but season 3 missed a major opportunity to introduce an important character.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3!

^ Although Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan adapted several stories from the famed author's catalog, season 3 missed a great opportunity to set up Marco Ramius from "The Hunt for Red October" . The Hunt for Red October is one of the most popular adaptations of Tom Clancy's work, and Sean Connery's performance as Marcol Ramius is widely regarded as one of the best parts of the film. Unfortunately, however, just when Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3 seemed to be shaping the character, it quickly went off track and missed its best opportunity.

Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan stars John Krasinski as ex-Marine turned CIA analyst Jack Ryan, a role played by many popular actors in many beloved adaptations. Jack Ryan season 3 saw Ryan restore the Soviet Union to its former glory by uncovering Russia's plot to start a nuclear war. In the season finale, Jack Ryan discovers and boards the Intrepid. The Russian warship is meant to heighten tensions in the Baltic region and spark World War III.

Upon learning that Jack Ryan season 3 would tell a story with a lot to do with the Russians, many viewers eagerly anticipated the connection to "Hunt for Red October", Most Popular and Favorite Jack Ryan Movies. In the film, Marko Ramius is the Soviet captain of the Red October, a highly stealthy submarine that goes off course for the United States. Throughout the movie, Jack Ryan (played by Alec Baldwin) is tasked with finding out Ramius' motive for abandoning his order. Jack Ryan told a tense story involving a Russian ship, and many viewers were looking forward to returning to the Red October storyline, including Commander Mark Ramius.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Didn't Set Up Red October's Marko Ramius

Jack Ryan appears to have to wait until the season 3 finale to reveal Marco Ramius, as the beloved character's appearance would generate a lot of hype from fans. However, the ending revealed that the Russian ship in question was the Dreadnought, not the Red October submarine. Even with that change, Jack Ryan could have easily made Ramius the captain of the Dauntless. Instead, however, the series featured a different, insignificant captain. While Jack Ryan and the hunt for Red October tell very different stories, it seemed obvious that Jack Ryan season 3 would frame Ramius — but it didn't.

Although Tom Clancy is in the title, Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan series is set in universe separate from all other Tom Clancy adaptations. So while Ramius appears in Baldwin's film, it's not even certain that the character exists in Krasinski's Jack Ryan universe. The Jack Ryan movies and series are a lot like the James Bond movies, with different actors playing the same roles and often telling similar stories. So while Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 4 may feature Marko Ramius, it's telling its own story, so it doesn't have to be.

Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan Is Set In Its Own Universe (Despite Tom Clancy In The Title)

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