How to Make a Picture Collage Using Google Photos

Google Photos has many features, and creating picture collages is one of them. Here's how to create a collage on Photos for Android and iOS.

Among many useful features, Google Photos can create picture collages for users. Collages are a great way to display multiple pictures. However, creating a picture collage can be difficult, especially for someone who needs to learn how to operate a photo editing application like Photoshop or Lightroom. Luckily, apps like Google Photos come with built-in tools that allow users to put images together and do most of the hard work for them.

To make a picture collage on Google Photos for Android, open the app and select up to six pictures from the "Photos" section. At the bottom of the screen, tap the "Add to" button, then select "Collage" from the pop-up menu. Google Photos will automatically add the selected images to a collage, which by default arranges all images side by side in a square or rectangular layout. At this point, users can click on an image to edit its size and orientation, or replace it with another photo from their library. Additionally, two or more pictures can be swapped at the same time by pressing and holding one picture and placing it over another.

You Can Share The Google Photos Collage Too

Users who like collages can save a Click the "Save" button in the lower right corner to copy immediately. However, there are tons of designs and templates available at the bottom of the screen to help spruce things up. Google Photos offers several collage designs, each with a unique style and color theme. Once users find a suitable template, they can replace the images in the collage, change the size of the different patterns, and edit the Google Photos images individually. After making all changes, tap "Save" in the lower right corner and the app will save the collage as a new picture.

To share a collage with friends or family, open the collage in Google Photos, click the "Share" button in the lower left corner, and choose a platform. There are many ways to share collages, using apps like Google Photos, Gmail, Nearby Share, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Collages can also be uploaded to Google Drive or printed if their phone is connected to a wireless printer. ^Users can also follow the same steps to create photo collages on iOS and desktop Google Photos. However, anyone with any recent Pixel smartphone or Google One subscription will have access More styles and templates. As far as minimum device requirements are concerned, Android devices should have at least 3GB RAM and Android 8.0, while iPhones should have at least 3GB RAM and run iOS 15 or higher to create image collages on Google Photos.

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