How Kim Plath will win over Plathville fans in 2022

After a tough 2022, Welcome to Plathville's Kim Plath is doing his best to win over TLC viewers in the new year, and it seems to be working.

Kim Plath has had a tough time with Welcome to Plathville fans, but has slowly started to win them over. The mother of nine has made some mistakes in her life, but she is looking to right them. Fans are getting ready to see what 2023 has in store for the matriarch as she begins a new chapter in her life.

Although Kim may not have been to everyone at the start of Welcome to Plathville season 1, she has grown over time with most viewers. Fans were surprised to learn that Kim was living a relatively normal life before meeting Barry Plath, and that her negligence was hurting her children. Strict parents have had sex before marriage, gone out drinking, and partyed; however, when they were parents, they caved in and forbade their children to try anything. Kim seemed to be the controlling parent, but thankfully, as the years went by, she started to change her attitude.

Kim Plath Is Showing A Vulnerable Side

Despite Kim's reputation for harsh parenting, she began to mature during Welcome to Plathville season 4. After problems in her marriage to Barry begin to surface, Kim is forced to Be more open with her kids and audience. Loyal followers love seeing more emotion from Kim, who is obsessed with changing her life. In the most recent season, Kim shared that she's been crying and documenting her inner turmoil, convincing fans that she's human after all.

Kim Plath Followed Her Dreams

Kim shared that she has decided to follow her dream of becoming a dancer and owning her own studio. Welcome to Plathville fans learned that Kim opened Grady Central Dance Studio in downtown Cairo, Georgia and has been putting in the work. Not only has Kim started working out more, but she's also finding time for herself, which has been praised by fans. Sadly the dance studio didn't stay open for long, it closed and was replaced by a clothing store.

Kim Plath Filed For Divorce From Barry Plath

Nothing brings audiences together like a divorce. No one in Welcome to Plathville noticed Kim and Barry's divorce because they both acted as a united front. Barry seemed happy to be in the driver's seat as King often made the rules. However, as it turns out, Kim wasn't all that happy in her marriage. Fans applaud Kim for being brave enough Moved out and started her life anew. While she may have angered her family, she has a wider audience who wish her the best for the future.

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