How Hades 2 Brings Back Zagreus

Hades 2 will introduce a new protagonist named Melinoë, but the first game's hero Zagreus can still appear in the roguelike sequel.

While Hades 2 will introduce a brand new playable hero named Melinoë, the first game's protagonist, Zagreus, can still have a meaningful role in the game. In this fabulous sequel, Melinoë, sister of Zagreus and daughter of Persephone and Hades, journeys into the underworld to meet Her grandfather, Chronos, came face to face. Melinoë will bring a fresh perspective to the godlike roguelike, but she'll likely meet her brother Zagreus at some point.

New Hades 2 protagonist Melinoë will bring a fresh and familiar perspective to the sequel. In the first game, Zagreus battles the underworld in search of his lost mother, while his sister Melinoë battles her grandfather in the realm of the dead. Hades 2 will also have a heavy emphasis on witchcraft and magic, which will surely give Melinoë a unique fighting style compared to her brother. The original Hades' episode eventually saw Zag reconcile with his father, Hades, though he continued to fight in the underworld as the domain's security expert to check for weaknesses.

Zagreus Could Be A Boss In Hades 2

While the Hades 2 trailer shows multiple new gods, Zagreus is apparently absent from the sequel announcement. Considering Melinoë is Zag's brother, and the sequel continues to focus on their family, it seems like the prince of the underworld will return in some capacity. Given his status as an expert on security in the underworld, Zag may become the friendly but powerful boss Melinoë will have to face as he breaks into the kingdom of the dead. Zagreus' job might be to engage in a friendly duel with his sister as she tries to enter the underworld, and confronting him pits Hades players against their former powers and weapons.

Hades 2 Can Make Zagreus A Brotherly Ally

Fighting Zagreus as a boss would be a great way to flip the script in the sequel, but Hades 2 could also reintroduce the Greek gods as allies. The first Hades sees Thanatos, the friendly avatar of death, randomly appear in certain rooms to help Zagreus clear out the enemies. Hades 2 can do the same with Zagreus, with Melinoë and her brother randomly walking through paths, her going down and him going up. Zag can use different skill sets based on the weapons available in the first game, and may be able to grant Melinoë special abilities based on his own powers, such as resurrection and blood.

By directly following up the first game, Hades 2 will break the trend of the Supergiant Games and create interesting opportunities to see familiar faces. Zagreus won't be the main character in the sequel, but he could still play an important role in Melinoë's quest. The prince of the underworld might stand in his sister's way as the vaunted boss, or act as an ally when two paths cross in the realm of the dead. Zagreus' story came together nicely in the first game, but it's unlikely Hades 2 will simply forget about the ruthless roguelike god.

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