How The Chantels' Winter Everett Could Shock Fans In 2022

The Family Chantel's Winter Everett has kept herself out of controversy, but in 2022, she stunned the 90 Day Fiancé audience several times.

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel may not be a controversial actor, but in 2022, the 90 Day Fiancé star has stunned audiences on multiple occasions. Winter, Chantel Everett's younger sister in season 4 of 90DF, looks very different now thanks to her fitness transformation. The Georgia native had an unhappy relationship with now-ex-boyfriend Jah, while Chantel was dealing with her shaky marriage to Pedro Jimeno.

Winter split with Jah after dating for seven years after a secret engagement. Winter is like a stepmother to Jah's younger daughter, and despite her young age, Chantel and her mom are skeptical of the man's intentions and past. After hiring a private investigator, they found out that Ja-hyuk also has a secret son. While this didn't stop Winter from pursuing her relationship, she eventually broke up with Jah when he hinted at polygamy. The breakup created another side of Winter, who became more confident after indulging in self-love.

Winter Celebrates Valentine's Day 2022 After Jah Split

While viewers have been wondering if Winter and Jahyuk will get back together, she proves them wrong. Winter never said if she was dating someone new this year, but she confirmed She was single on Valentine's Day. Winter shared a photo of herself adorned with flowers and looking at peace, on which she wrote: "I choose me. I choose me. I love me. Happy Valentine's Day baby butterfly." It was also then that the audience realized To Winter will follow in the footsteps of her sister Chantel and choose to become a "model" according to the hashtag she uses in the title. ^In the past, Jah asked Winter to follow his church rules and a biblical diet. Her breakup with Jah was an eye-opener for Winter, who has since changed her physique. When fans learned that Winter had lost 50 pounds, they began to see the effects of Winter's weight loss. She once weighed nearly 300 pounds before her transformation, and until June 2022, not many people knew that Winter was going to Mexico for weight loss surgery. In May, Winter shared a video compilation of her before and after weight loss photos. Winter stunned fans with her "so puffy" face in her debut, and later revealed selfies that helped her show off her sharp jaw and high cheekbones, which she is now "very grateful for."

Winter Reveals Shocking Before & After Weight Loss Photos

as a supporting role Casting The Family Chantel is just one of Winter's stints. Besides modeling, she works as an Instagram influencer to earn money. Social media seems to be helping Chantel's sister earn a good income, as is the professional modeling job she recently started sharing on Instagram. The body-positive Winter has been inspiring fans through her weight loss surgery journey and maintaining her new figure through a rigorous fitness routine and healthy diet. But meanwhile, Winter has also been working a full-time job, something fans didn't find out until she shared a reel earlier this month. Like Chantel, Winter is also a medical professional, and revealing that was just one of the shocking things she shared in 2022. ^MORE: Why 90 Day Fiancé's Bilal Hazziez Was Perfect for Winter Everett^Source: Winter Everett/Instagram

Winter Reveals Real Job She Does For A Living

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