HIMYM: 10 Repeating Jokes & Chokes Redditors Cherished The Foremost

How I Met Your Mother was popular for presenting jokes that came back seasons afterward. Fans took to Reddit to share their favorites.

In spite of the fact that fans were doubtful almost whether How I Met Your Father may live up to the first, the Hilary Duff-lead arrangement is as of now in generation on its moment season, which fans are eagerly awaiting. The unused arrangement encompasses a exceptionally comparative concept, but it has too made a commitment to maintain a strategic distance from the viewpoints of How I Met Your Mother that haven't matured well.

One component of HIMYM that fans love—and trust to see in HIMYF—is the running jokes and Easter eggs that the appear was celebrated for. They kept watchers centered whereas the appear was airing, and fans are still finding small points of interest eight a long time afterward. Fans on Reddit have shared their contemplations on which ones were their favorites as they see back.


It's kind of abnormal that Ted would tell his kids so numerous subtle elements approximately his sex life, but one component of his life did get censored. Redditor rough_piercing13 said their favorite joke was "Sandwiches being a code word for cannabis. 'That could be a FAT sandwich.' 'If you were unused in town and fair processed an eighth of sandwich where would you go??'"

This visual choke came up more than once all through the appear, and a few other Redditors brought it up as well. Over the course of the arrangement, it showed up in 14 diverse scenes, most of which included flashbacks to Marshall and Ted's time in college. It's a inventive thought that fans completely adored, so it's no ponder it was so habitually referenced and upvoted on Reddit.

Salute The General

Redditor carfreak1234 shared their favorite joke from the arrangement, clarifying, "my roommates and i effectively hone the private/captain/colonel/sergeant/etc running joke." For those who missed it, Robin and Ted had a propensity of saluting the inadvertent officer when anyone utilized expressions like "common agreement" or "private discussion."

This joke was to begin with specified in "Slapsgiving," and the assumption behind its presentation was truly relatable. It was a bit of wit that got to be critical to Ted and Robin's relationship, and once they broke up, it was awkward that they didn't do it. A few Redditors said or upvoted the deride salute, increasing in value it as both a great joke and a pleasant character beat.

Robin Sparkles

Robin is one of the foremost grounded characters on HIMYM, so it's awesome to see the craziness that was her childhood. Redditor rallruse said their favorite repeating joke was "Anything that needs to do with Robin Shines." Whereas it isn't truly a joke fans might miss, it's referenced seldom sufficient that fans celebrate at whatever point it returned.

95 Redditors upvoted this reply, and a few gave their favorite cases of the marvel, from entire scenes centering on Robin's backstory to Ted's ringtone being "Let's Go To The Shopping center" in season four. In spite of as it were being the center of four scenes, typically a cherished portion of How I Met Your Mother's rule.


Redditor edwartica shared their favorite minutes in one word: "Mediation." This choke was at its best within the season four scenes of the same title, but it played out a few times over the course of the appear when individuals of the bunch felt they required to address concerning behavior from each other.

There are really six scenes that include intercessions, counting season 7, scene 19's "The Broath," which a few commenters referenced for how much they adored the "Quinntervention." Whereas numerous of the interventions the gather did within the starting were for senseless reasons (like Marshall wearing a cap for as well long), they were moreover noteworthy parts of the group's more genuine discussions as well, making it both a fun display and a shockingly successful way to see out for each other.

The Infamous Slap Bet

One of the foremost unmistakable running jokes on How I Met Your Mother was Beorn6's favorite: "Slap Wagered, gets me each time." Barney and Marshall chosen to wagered on a mystery Robin was keeping from the bunch, and whereas not one or the other were in fact rectify, it resulted in Marshall having the correct to slap Barney five times within the future, which he seem do at whatever point he needed.

A few Redditors said this plot point, with over 50 upvoting Bern6's post. Whereas they get less agreeable on rewatches of How I Met Your Mother, the slap wagers were totally consensual and driven to a few incredible pressure for the arrangement. Not one or the other characters nor group of onlookers individuals knew when the following slap was coming, and they more often than not overseen to development the plot.

Barney's Job—PLEASE

Whereas there were noteworthy plotlines spinning around Ted, Marshall, Robin, and Lily's careers, no one knew precisely what Barney did for a living for over eight seasons some time recently it was at last uncovered in "Unpause." Until at that point, fans may anticipate MrThanos15's favorite repeating joke: "'Seriously what do you are doing for a living?' 'Ha! Please.'"

106 other Redditors adored this joke, judging by the upvotes, and it's not difficult to see why. Barney's job—Provide Lawful Exculpation and Sign Everything—provided a strong sense of puzzle within the arrangement, driving up to the uncover that Barney was working with the FBI to require down his boss (and equal).

"Right? Right?"

Although most Redditors were seeking out for express jokes, Fexxvi called out Ted's catchphrase of "Right? Right??" Apparently, the 406 users who upvoted the comment felt the state merited to be recognized in conjunction with the more conventional jokes. Ted's decided understanding was a fun way to associate with the individuals around him, particularly when they said complimentary things around him.

Whereas a few fans contend that he is an unlikable primary character, Ted's cringeworthy minutes are fair as critical as his highlight minutes since they make him so reasonable. And as the other individuals of the bunch caught on and begun utilizing the state in their claim lives, it quietly appeared how near they all were.

Big Fudge (And Its Variants)

Redditor shejmar shared that their favorite running joke was "come once more for enormous fudge," a opinion shared by the about 400 clients who upvoted the comment. This was such a incredible running joke since fans may effortlessly utilize it in their possess lives, either as a flag to other fans or as a explanation of skepticism.

Marshall initially earned the title by eating eight pounds of fudge in beneath fifteen minutes when he got into Columbia, but it was versatile to the numerous changes he and the other individuals of the bunch went through in their lives. Since fans locked onto it so rapidly, it was that much more impactful when Lily was alluded to as Mrs. Fudge or Lil Fudge, as well as when Marshall authoritatively got to be "Judge Fudge" within the finale.

Barney's (Many) One Rules

Barney overseen to codify each portion of his life based on the Bro Code and his Playbook, and whereas that was restricting in numerous ways, it driven to a few incredible minutes. Redditor scarstarify particularly called out the numerous times Barney requested, "Ted, what’s my ONE Run the show?" as it were to have it be a totally diverse run the show than the time some time recently.

Usually one of the clearest jokes within the arrangement, but the more it happened, the more it begun to construct Barney's character as a thwart to Ted's. Barney lived by rules, whereas Ted lived by motivation, and not one or the other equation was idealize. It made a difference create the characters, present modern kooky hypotheses, and was vital sufficient for 449 clients to upvote it.

Murder Train

Numerous fans may be befuddled by what the "Kill Prepare" joke is, but about 600 clients upvoted it when one Redditor basically posted those two words. For those who have overlooked, "Kill Prepare" could be a tune composed by Robin's to begin with boyfriend that he controlled her into playing on her news program.

Whereas it appeared like a odd joke to highlight how much influence exes can have over their previous accomplices, it really got to be a long-running portion of the appear, playing in six other scenes amid minutes of viciousness. It's an annoyingly catchy melody, and fans cherish how much profundity the appear had when it may take a disposable joke and make it fans' favorite choke more than eight a long time afterward.

HIMYM season 1-9 is accessible to stream on Hulu and Prime Video.

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