High On Life's Secret Ending Explained

The comedy plot of High on Life may seem straightforward, but this first-person shooter actually has a secret ending that leads to further adventures.

The wacky first-person shooter High on Life has a fairly straightforward plot, but the game's secret ending provides a surprising twist and sets up the sequel. The comedy sci-fi action game is developed by Squanch Games, a studio co-founded by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. High on Life prides itself on self-referential meta-humor, and the game's secret ending proves there are more jokes to tell.

As expected of a game from the creators of Rick and Morty, High on Life's story and gameplay are absurd and often downright funny. The first-person shooter casts players as human bounty hunters who must fight off an interstellar drug cartel using talking guns called Gatlians. Each of these weapons has its own unique personality and voice, and Kenny Pistol is voiced by Justin Roland himself. High on Life is full of self-referential video game humor, with Gatlians commenting on situations like players pausing the game or stumble upon reused game assets. This manipulation of video game tropes also extends to a secret High on Life ending and sequel hook.

High On Life's Secret Ending Requires A Few Steps

When completing all bounties and finding all talking guns High on Life appears to be the end of the game, and players can unlock an additional secret ending. Visiting Clugg's Office after completing the Nipulon Bounty will grant the player a keycard that will open a restricted door in an unknown area of ​​Haven for Mankind. Reaching this door requires some tricky jetpack platforming, and venturing further into uncharted territory requires using Sweezy's ultimate ability. Once past this platforming section, players discover a room full of dead human subjects, and the alien politician Clugg appears to be responsible for the gruesome scene.

High On Life's Secret Ending Sets Up A Sequel

Chasing Clugg leads him into a large observation room where the true ending of High on Life is revealed. High on Life's goofy shots and surprising depth culminate in Dr. Gurgula, a previously mentioned but never-before-seen influential scientist in the game, who grabs the player and cold-bloodedly Killed Clugg. Responsible for creating a plague that wiped out the Gatterian race, the ruthless scientist declared his desire to study humanity and discover the secrets of the universe. Dr Gulgula flees without a fight, Kenny outspokenly hints he could return in 'some sort of sequel' to High on Life.

This secret ending apparently sets up a sequel for High on Life, with the villainous Dr. Gurgula being the game's main villain. With an interest in studying humanity and the history of exterminating the Gatterians, the Gurgula will almost certainly return in the future to threaten Earth. Interdimensional cable TV FPS High on Life makes good use of popular video game tropes to fuel its sense of humor, and creating a sequel to the wacky sci-fi would create plenty of comedic potential.

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