Happy birthday and spooky crossover updates courtesy of Blumhouse

Blumhouse founder Jason Blum provides an update on a potential intersection between Christopher Landon's "Happy Death Day" movie and "Freaks."

Producers of both films have mentioned a potential crossover between Happy Death Day and Freaks. The 2017 premiere, "Happy Death Day," was a hybrid of the Groundhog Day time-loop concept and the classic college kill movie, followed by its 2019 sequel, "Happy Death Day 2U." Director Christopher Langdon, who was in charge of both projects, would later go on to produce 2020's Freaky Friday slasher hybrid Freaky, leading fans to demand a Freaky Death Day crossover, an idea that was applauded by several people behind the production of both films.

The Hollywood Reporter recently sat down with Blumhouse founder Jason Blum and director/producer James Wan to discuss their latest collaboration, the upcoming killer doll flick M3GAN. However, the conversation eventually turned to a Freaky Death Day crossover and whether it would actually come to fruition. Bloom takes a rather negative view of the project's future, saying, "I wouldn't hold out much hope," though he's sure not to rule that out entirely. Read his full quote below:

Freaky Death Day. I hate to say it, but your dreams of Freaky Death Day are a little further removed than they were even a few months ago. So I wouldn’t have very high hopes, but I would also say that anything is possible.

Why Freaky Death Day Might Not Be Moving Forward

Blum comments that the Freaky Death Day crossover is more likely to have happened a few months ago very funny. It's unclear what might have happened during that time to dim the film's prospects, other than the obvious fact that audience interest may wane over time. While the details of that particular announcement may never be known, one reason why the Happy Death Day and Freaky crossover movie might not be a success is obvious: The cast and crew of both franchises are extremely busy.

Langdon, who has written two of the three films in addition to directing, is currently presumably busy with the upcoming Netflix film We Have Ghosts, which will star Stranger Things' David Harbor as a discovery His new home was haunted, and it quickly went viral. Freaky co-writer Michael Kennedy's slate is also occupied by Time Cut, a new upcoming thriller that will include elements of time travel. These are just some of the complications behind the camera, but there's plenty of talent onscreen, too.

A huge hurdle in the future of Happy Death Day and the Freaky crossover is Katherine Newton, who plays Millie Kessler, the last girl-turned-killer and back again. She will play the character Cassie Lang Originally portrayed by Abby Ryder Fortson in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever, the character may go on to appear in other entries in the franchise. Given these commitments, it can be difficult to get all key creatives together in the same room, let alone work on the same scene for weeks at a time.

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