God of War Ragnarok: Freya's 10 Best Abilities

Freya is Kratos' main companion in God of War Ragnarök, and the skills she has access to are incredible.

The Game Awards took place on December 8, and while Ragnarok: Ragnarok might not have won Game of the Year as some gamers had hoped, it did win more awards than any other game. Fans of the series also learned more exciting news that Amazon has begun work on a live-action adaptation of the 2018 God of War game.

Kratos and many other characters will soon make their first live-action appearances. One of Kratos' main sidekicks in the series, and more specifically in Ragnarok, is the goddess Freya, Odin's ex-wife. So it's no wonder she has some incredible skills in the game.

12/12 Root Snare - 1000 XP To Unlock


This is one of the best abilities Freya acquires early on, and it will allow Freya to summon vines to grab any enemies Kratos might knock down.

While this is already a useful skill, Root Snare takes it a step further by releasing a cloud of poison that deals more damage to enemies over time. This ability kills weaker enemies faster, but it's a great ability to use against those who might not It's easy to fall without Root Snare.

10/12 Goddess Aggression - 1000 XP To Unlock

Freya's Valkyrie ability is arguably the best ability she can acquire in the game, and Goddess Aggression is the first ability players should unlock for Freya. This ability will make Freya more aggressive, which is definitely very welcome.

This will increase how often she charges at enemies and even manages to parry their attacks. This skill comes in handy in almost any type of fight, and given that she has no health bar, she doesn't have any risk going head-on.

9/12 Valkyrie Heart - 2000 XP To Unlock

Freya's Valkyrie form is very effective and is when Freya is at her strongest. When her name is Vanadis, players will remember encountering her as one of the few God Bosses in Ragnarök, God of War.

This is her form when using abilities such as Valkyrie Heart, in which she rises into the air and slams into the ground to attack enemies. When she does, enemies will be thrown backwards in the launch, potentially throwing them off a cliff.

8/12 Sonic Resonance - 2000 XP To Unlock

Sonic Resonance is also one of the best Atreus abilities in GoW Ragnarök. This is a passive ability that allows Freya to use Sonic Arrows reach their full potential.

The fact that her arrows emit sonic explosions is nothing new, however, after each explosion, nearby enemies are affected by the sonic resonance. This allows for a wide range of strategies that can more easily lead to explosion after explosion.

7/12 Hex Reignition - 2000 XP To Unlock

Sigil Arrows are very effective, and Hex Reignition adds a brand new effect that allows players to create new and creative strategies.

Marked Arrow will hex an enemy when it hits, and use Hex Resurrection, if an Elemental Attack is used to detonate a Hexed enemy, a follow-up explosion will occur, attempting to damage more nearby enemies. This is an excellent strategy to use with some of Kratos' best weapons in Ragnarok, like his Leviathan Ax to deal with Frost, or his Chaos Blade to deal with Burn.

6/12 Goddess Focus - 4000 XP To Unlock


While Goddess Aggression is more about close range attacks, Goddess Focus does the opposite, improving Freya's attacks against enemies at a distance.

This could be an enhancement or improvement to the specific arrows she uses, or even make her attack differently than the player might specifically order. This is an expensive skill to unlock and Not as important as some of her other Valkyrie abilities, but still one of the best abilities a player should want.

4/12 Valkyrie Blade - 5000 XP To Unlock

Freya is one of the best depicted gods in God of War Ragnarök, and her use as a companion makes her even better. Players want to use the Valkyrie Blade, they need to pay more attention in battle, practice a few more times, and master the skills proficiently.

When Kratos knocks back enemies, a prompt to press a block will appear above Freya. If the player presses this button, Freya will rush to the enemy and deal high damage to them. This is a very powerful and useful ability that can change the tide of any fight almost instantly.

3/12 Arrow Empowerment III - 5000 XP To Unlock

Arrow Empowerment III is a relatively straightforward skill, but that doesn't mean it's worth less than other skills. Players should definitely acquire this ability as soon as possible, as it will make many fights much easier.

It greatly increases the damage of each Runic Arrow fired by Freya. While it does cost 5000 XP (Arrow Empowerment I will cost 500 and Empowerment II costs 1500) is a skill that Freya can focus on as soon as she unlocks it.

2/12 Entangled Grip III - 5000 XP To Unlock

Entangled Grip III is the perfect skill to use with Root Snare. While Root Snare already creates a poisonous cloud that applies poison to enemies, Entangled Grip III also deals damage to any enemies rooted by Freya's vines, which is what Entangled Grip's initial ability does to enemies, while Entangled Grip II increases the duration of this ability.

This will ensure that the enemy is greatly affected by the poison, and will help either Kratos or Freya fight a quick win.

1/12 Vines of Exile - 5000 XP To Unlock

The Vine of Exile is another Vanir magical ability that uses the power of the Earth to advantage for Freya. This ability will allow Freya to grab weaker enemies with her vines and throw them onto the battlefield.

This is an ideal ability to use near cliffs, as Freya's vines will throw enemies to their doom. This ability won't activate around strong enemies, but it's a great way to take down weaker ones, especially when there's a large group of enemies.

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