God Of War: How To Get The Zeus Set Of Armor

The Zeus armor set is one of the best sets Kratos can get in God of War, but it's also one of the hardest to come by.

The Zeus armor set in God of War is one of the most challenging armor collections in the game, but the tradeoff is that the Zeus armor set in God of War is also one of the most powerful sets overall. Unfortunately, this means that Zeus armor is also one of the most expensive armor sets to upgrade. However, when players are able to unlock God of War's Zeus armor, it's unlikely they'll need to worry about getting more Hacksilver.

Like all armor sets in God of War, the Zeus armor consists of breastplate, gauntlets, and belt armor. Each of the three armor pieces focuses on strength, runes, and defense stats, increasing each of these three stats significantly more than most other armor pieces. Zeus' Breastplate is the best single piece of armor of the three, gaining more stat increases per upgrade than Zeus' Gauntlets or War Belt.

God of War's Zeus Armor is Only in New Game Plus

Players must beat the game and start the New Game Plus adventure before obtaining the God of War Zeus armor. New Game Plus in God of War once the game opens Being beatable on any difficulty is one of the best things about finishing the game for the first time.

Unfortunately, there are mixed reports on what difficulty you need to play New Game Plus, with many God of War fanbase claiming that you need to set the difficulty to "Give me God of War". However, multiple players on Reddit have confirmed that they obtained the God of War Zeus armor on lower difficulties, but had to beat the game on New Game Plus anyway.

Zeus Armor Set Locations in God of War NG+

In New Game Plus, three different bosses reward Kratos with the God of War Zeus armor set. They are:

In addition to massive bonuses to Strength, Runes, and Defense skills, the Zeus armor in God of War also grants Kratos the Glass Ballista skill. Glass Ballista is a passive skill whose effect increases with each piece of armor equipped. With the Glass Ballista ability enabled, the damage output of Kratos' standard attacks is greatly increased, but the damage he takes from God of War bosses and monsters is also increased in intensity.

Player looking for The ultimate attack should definitely use the Zeus armor in God of War, as it can deal a lot of damage to enemies even on "Give me God of War" difficulty.

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