Felicia Day Meet: Beast Tall

Fan-favorite Felicia Day joins Nickelodeon’s all-new vivified arrangement Creature Tall as Ghoulia Howls, and she offers her involvement being a nerd zombie.

Nickelodeon's Beast Tall is inviting Ghoulia Cries (played by the astounding Felicia Day) to their positions as of scene 7, “Nightmare Nightmore.” To begin with propelled by Mattel in 2010, the establishment started by presenting characters propelled by legendary animals who all go to a uncommon school together. The vivified reboot arrangement started in October and is helmed by Shea Fontana, who made the 2018 reboot of Polly Take.

Creature Tall takes after heroes Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Clawdeen Wolf as they juggle their tall school exercises with their higher beast callings. As the girls of Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Werewolf, they each have the burden of familial bequest to live up to whereas at the same time attempting to sparkle as people. Within the another scene, airing December 19, Draculaura trusts to have the culminate occasion party and battles with her dissatisfaction when things do not go concurring to arrange, all whereas Day's Ghoulia enters the beast highlight.

Screen Tirade talked to Day around how her part in Creature Tall came approximately, why she looks for choices to Princess culture for youthful young ladies, and what draws her to fandom-heavy ventures.

Felicia Day Talks Monster High

Screen Rage: Are you a Creature Tall fan from its unique conception a decade back, or a Mattel devotee by and large talking?

Felicia Day: I really think it's adorable. Yes, I'm a little bit old to have been a kid excited for a Monster High. But at the same time, as a Hot Topic lover from my youth, I loved the aesthetic when it came out. And even now as a mom, before I even got this job, I was like, "This is gonna be a show that I could show my kid one day." She's five now, but as someone who's tried to avoid a little bit of Princess culture, it's really nice to have an alternative role model for girls—not necessarily royalty, but monsters.

I cherish how this arrangement jumps into ordinary teenage insecurities, but in an extremely creative way.

Felicia Day: I mean, the analogy with puberty and being monstrous is right there. Especially in this iteration, this new version of Monster High is so inclusive and grounded and down-to-earth. It uses the analogy of monsters in a really interesting way to deal with a lot of emotional issues, which I really appreciate.Also, my character is super cute and quirky and very much somebody I would love to be if I were at Monster High.

What can you tell us around Ghoulia Howls? She appears like she was made for you.

Felicia Day: I will tell you the story. I actually auditioned for Clawdeen [Wolf], and it was my first online callback that was voiceover. I had never done a callback online for voiceover, and I was so nervous because there are all these boxes on Zoom. I can't see who's in the spaces, and they're like, "Go, go!" I logged off, and I was like, "That was such a bad audition..."But I guess it was all in my head because they called back and said, "Ghoulia is the role for you." I was so excited because, like you said, Ghoulia is a gamer. She's super quirky; she skateboards everywhere, and she's just really funny. I have such fun voicing her, and I get to do a lot of fun things in the show.

To begin with off, I got to say, I was astounded that I didn't instantly recognize your voice. How did you step into that character, and what was the recording handle like?

Felicia Day: Obviously, I am doing a younger character, so I did work on trying to create an authentic geek girl. It's not putting a voice on, it's just really finding who this girl is. She's kind of into brains because she's zombie, so she has a little bit of that monstrous quality to her—of course, since she's at Monster High.But she definitely is enthusiastic and not afraid of being herself, and I think that's a really wonderful theme of the show in general: embracing who you are not letting your differences make you ashamed. Your differences are really your strengths, and that's my philosophy in life. I like to talk about that in my own work, if I create it, and in any role I have. I was bringing that out with Ghoulia; it was already there on the page, and I was enhancing it with my voice and just having fun acting her out. It really is a gift.

I cherish what you said around needing to bring those things out in your claim work, and I do feel like your enthusiastic identity continuously comes through in everything merely do and select. How do you make those choices when presented with distinctive career alternatives?

Felicia Day: I do a lot of voiceovers lately. Sometimes I'll just look at either the audition or the offer, and I'll be like, "You know what? I don't think I can do this part to the best of my ability," or "Creating a character for this isn't going to make me really excited to go to work." I have the privilege of being able to turn down jobs and not do every single thing, so when I see something that makes me activated as a person and makes me feel like this is something I want to convey onscreen? That's what I'm like, "Yes, let me do this one."Monster High as a story world is really interesting to me because young girls are going to be watching the show. They don't have a lot of characters other than princesses to look up to, and I feel like offering more grounded and more alternative [options]. I mean, the monsters are geeky, and that's what I love about it. This is a role that definitely attracted me, and I was so excited to be offered it. Hopefully, I can be Ghoulia for a long time.

Aside from Ghoulia, do you have got a Creature Tall woman you're most affectionate of?

Felicia Day: Maybe it's because of the relationship with my character and the other cast, but I really like Lagoona [Blue]. My kid is obsessed with mermaids, so I'm deep in the undersea culture. She's a lot more confident and very romantic in the way she throws herself into things. I feel like she might be one of my favorites.But when I was 15 years old, I was wearing all black lace and crushed velvet, and I adored Winona Ryder to the point of worship. That's really part of who I would be as a kid, so it's easy to channel that.

I trust that we are going get to see Ghoulia at Hot Point before long to come full circle.

Felicia Day: It wouldn't be weird for me to wear a shirt with her on it, right? Yeah, we're still gonna do it.

I think that would be notorious. I cherish seeing you get included with the fans, conjointly with ventures that are exceptionally profoundly established in fandom. You fair did The Strolling Dead: Final Mile, and of course The Rings of Control podcast. What is your favorite component of locks in in that fan feedback loop, in case you'll ?

Felicia Day: I like belonging. I was a lonely, homeschooled kid. I never had friends. I don't know how to articulate how lonely I was a child; I never went to a birthday party, never had a sleepover, and never had a play date. It was very extreme, but I'm pretty functional. But I was wanting to be a part of a group, and that's why I like creating characters who are part of friend groups. I like to belong.As you said, I've become the face of a lot of IP and been doing a lot of hosting in the last couple of years. I get offered a lot, but I take the only ones where I feel like, "I'm home here. I'm as excited about this as you will be as a fan." That's where I really activate and am excited because you have a shorthand when you're part of a fandom, and being able to know characters in and out and share that enthusiasm with other people is really a blessing.

We've got numerous Nickelodeon appears and numerous Mattel toy lines to select from. On the off chance that you had a Creature Tall hybrid, who would you like to connect strengths with?

Felicia Day: Oh my gosh, that's really tough. I remember when I was a kid, I really wanted a Skipper. Do they have still have Skipper? Because that poor girl. She needed to find herself because she was in the shadow of Barbie her whole life. And she had flat feet, thank God! I was always like, "I want to be Skipper because I like the way her feet are made."I feel like Skipper could use some colors in her hair. She could really embrace who she is in a way that's outside of Barbie's perfection because, listen, that's a high bar. And with the movie coming out, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. It'd be a little bit into that crossover. Let's let's get the underdog in there too.

About Monster High

Clawdeen Wolf is sinking her teeth into tall school hijinks and high school inconveniences at her modern school, Creature Tall! Nearby BFFs Frankie Stein and Draculaura, she’s at long last found a put where she can be herself.

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