Fast X Vin Diesel Announces First Trailer Release Schedule

Fast X star and producer Vin Diesel has revealed the release schedule for the first trailer for his upcoming Fast and Furious movie, which is due out in 2023.

Vin Diesel announced the release schedule for the first Fast X trailer. The franchise started with 2001's The Fast and the Furious. Since then, it's quickly grown into a blockbuster franchise with a global reach, only getting bigger with each installment. 2023's Fast X will serve as the first step towards ending the franchise, while Fast & Furious 11 will wrap up the main series later on.

Diesel shared on Instagram when viewers can expect the release of the first Fast X trailer. He teased the news when he shared a photo of him and his on-screen sister, Jordana Brewster. "Less than 2 months until FastX trailer release!!!" wrote Diesel. That time frame could mean that the first Fast X trailer could debut during the Super Bowl, the NFL game taking place on February 12. Check out Diesel's post below:

Everything We Know About Fast X

The upcoming Fast X is the first step in the swan song of the racing series. Fast X has a sizeable budget, with the film reportedly costing $340 million to make. That money would put Fast X on the same level as another big movie that kicked off the saga ending: The Avengers: Infinity War. With a budget of $316 million, the movie features several A-list movie stars, top-notch CGI and explosive action sequences. It seems likely that Fast X will contain all of these, especially when it comes to action sequences.

As the saga concludes, Fast X will bring back several fan-favorite characters from Fast & Furious history, while also introducing new characters who will influence the two final films. A new introduction will be Jason Momoa as the villain. Momoa's character has been described by the actor as "very sadistic," which could prove to be a major problem for Diesel's Dom and his crew, given the Neptune star's impressive physique. Other than that, most character details are being kept under wraps. Fast X will also feature the franchise debuts of Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, Daniela Melchior and Rita Moreno. Their roles also remain a mystery so far, though Moreno has at least been confirmed to play Dom's grandmother.

Could Paul Walker’s Brian Return In Fast X?

Paul Walker tragically passed away after a car accident in 2013. The actor's brothers Cody and Caleb stepped in to help complete Walker's scene as Brian O'Connor in the final film in the series. Fast and Furious 7's Brian scene blends real footage and With CGI, it's hard to tell which scenes Walker didn't actually film. Since his death, Walker's Brian has retained a small slice of the franchise, from appearing in photos of Dom's car to the barbecue at the end of his iconic blue Nissan Skyline pull-up to the F9. Original Fast X director Justin Lin has previously spoken about whether Bryan could somehow return to the movies fully, with Lin hinting that there is room for Bryan in the final few installments. Whether this will be a CGI reconstruction or more careful editing like the F9 moment remains to be seen, but there's a good chance Bryan will play a part in the endgame of The Fast and the Furious.

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