Every character confirmed in Captain America: New World Order

Some familiar faces and new characters have already been confirmed, and Captain America: The New World Order will have a role in Sam Wilson's (Anthony Mackie) solo film.

Captain America: The New World Order has been confirmed to include several returning characters and introduce other new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After making a trilogy of films starring Chris Evans, the events of Avengers: Endgame led to Steve Rogers relinquishing the mantle of Captain America. The move suggests that Captain America will remain a part of the MCU even after Evans leaves the franchise, and that Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson will ditch his Falcon moniker and become America's favorite superhero. Disney+ helped explore that story, but Captain America 4 is where Sam's Captain America will take it to the next level.

The latest installment in the Captain America series will be very different from its predecessors. Chris Evans is not expected to return as an old Steve Rogers or Captain America variant. Additionally, Bucky Barnes, Captain America's most trusted best friend, will not be returning, as Sebastian Stan will help lead the Thunderbolt movie. There's also a new creative team overseeing the film franchise, with Falcon and The Winter Soldier producer Malcolm Spellman writing the script after Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote the previous trilogy . Here are the characters confirmed for Captain America: The New World Order.

6/6 Sam Wilson/Captain America

Anthony Mackie returns as Sam Wilson to lead Captain America: The New World Order. Since his debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Sam has become an invaluable crime-fighting fighter alongside Steve Rogers. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, though, shifted his status as a secondary character and fully explored his life. After initially passing up his chance to become Captain America, Sam stepped into the mantle after seeing how John Walker and the US government used it and learning about the forgotten history of black soldiers associated with the Super Soldier Serum Project. This makes him the MCU's new Captain America in the finale.

Sam Wilson's Captain America will play a major role in the Captain America 4 story. There aren't any confirmed details about his personal journey, but it could include reassembling the Avengers. Sam will be tested by various villains, but it's also sure to be difficult winning over the public and making Captain America his own mantle. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier haven't shied away from the racist backlash against the idea that black people are symbols of America, so Captain America: The New World Order should once again address these issues head-on after Sam Wilson takes the title of Captain America.

5/6 Joaquin Torres/Falcon

Danny Ramirez set to play bigger role of Joaquin Torres in Captain America: The New World Order. Those familiar with the storyline of Torres' comics came out in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and have been paying close attention to the teases about his becoming a superhero. This finally happened when Sam Wilson told Torres he could keep his torn Falcon suits, giving him a chance to fix them. While the Top Gun: Maverick cast only has a small role throughout the series, there's no doubt that Joaquin Torres is positioned as the MCU's new Falcon, alongside Sam's Captain America.

Since Captain America: The New World Order will be where Joaquin Torres first flies as the Falcon, his role in the film should focus on him mastering his new suit. Teaming up with Sam Wilson should be a boon for the MCU's Captain America, but it could also bring past trauma to Sam, as his last flying mate while in service has died. This should give the dynamic between Sam and Joaquin a more layered look in the film. if marvel The studio wanted to surprise that the MCU's new Falcon could transform and turn into a vampire exactly like the comics, possibly linking him to Blade.

4/6 Samuel Sterns/The Leader

Samuel Stearns is arguably the most surprising Captain America: New World Order character ever confirmed. Audiences were introduced to Tim Blake Nelson's character in 2008's The Incredible Hulk, but he was never seen or heard from again. His absence has been a huge mystery, especially when the movie ends with the tease of Hulk's blood dripping on Stern's head and changing him. The comic book version of Samuel Stearns, known as "The Leader," is a super-intelligent villain with a giant green head after being exposed to gamma radiation. Captain America 4 is now poised to manifest the same fate to Stern in the MCU.

The expected return of the leader in Captain America: The New World Order is part of the explanation behind the film's title. In the comics, Red Skull formed a villain organization called the New World Order. Since the Red Skull is no longer in the picture, the leader may be the founder of the New World Order, looking to terraform Earth more like he wants it to be. based on As for who else appears in the film, the leader's return is also likely to play a role in the Red Hulk's MCU presence.

3/6 Thunderbolt Ross

Thunderbolt Ross returned to the MCU in Captain America: The New World Order, but now Harrison Ford has taken over the role. William Hurt started playing villains with The Incredible Hulk and was last seen in 2021's Black Widow. The actor had originally planned to return for more shows before the tragic death of Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross. Marvel Studios opted to keep plans for the character and recast it. The move eventually brought Harrison Ford to the MCU, playing a central role in Captain America 4 and possibly Thunderbolts as well.

There are not many details on Thunderbolt Ross' role in Captain America: The New World Order. However, it is expected that he will eventually transform into the Red Hulk in the film. This would make him one of the main villains in the film, and a dangerous threat that Sam's Captain America is trying to defeat. As such, Thunderbolt Ross' Red Hulk transformation could facilitate the appearance of the Hulk or She-Hulk. There are also rumors that Thaddeus Ross has Moving further up the political ladder, becoming the President of the United States in the MCU would be consistent with the political nature of the Captain America series.

2/6 Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley is another confirmed MCU character in Captain America: The New World Order. Marvel brought Carl Lumbly to the Falcon and the Winter Soldier franchise, and his presence had a dramatic effect on Sam Wilson. He was one of black soldiers treated with an experimental super-soldier serum before being imprisoned by the U.S. government for further testing. These secret projects have brought a dark legacy to the history of Captain America and the history of the government's attempts to create new super soldiers after Steve Rogers fell into the ice.

The return of Isaiah Bradley should give him a pivotal role in Sam Wilson's life again. The two quickly developed a close relationship that included Sam getting a statue built in Isaiah's honor, so Captain America 4 will likely see this mentoring relationship develop. It's even possible that the movie will reveal that Isaiah Bradley and Thunderbolt Ross have a shared past in the military. Of course, Isaiah's return could also pave the way for his grandson Elijah Bradley shows up, possibly helping to create the Young Avengers.

1/6 Sabra

Captain America: The New World Order has confirmed the introduction of a new character in Sabra, a Jewish/Israeli superhero. She will be played by Emmy nominee Sheila Haas. However, news of Sabra appearing in Captain America 4 has sparked a controversy. She has often been criticized for being racist towards Arabs and a controversial reflection of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Marvel has since come forward to say that Sabra is a "new vision" of the modern day and Captain America: New World Order stories.

While it's unclear what exactly Sabra's role will be in Captain America 4, the inclusion of a superhero working for the Israeli government in the comics would make sense. The sequel's political tension could involve Israel, so she could enter the story as a potential antagonist before working with Sam's Captain America. Considering how early Marvel announced it, it's no surprise that Sabra has a major role in the film and is one of the most important new Captain America: New World Order characters to emerge.

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