Every Ancient Relic in MCU Phase 4 (and How Powerful They Are)

Phase 4 of the MCU has introduced some ancient relics in its projects, but there's been little information on their origins and the powers they wield.

Phase 4 of the MCU brought many new characters and locations to the film series, but it also introduced several ancient and powerful relics, but so far there's been little backstory information on them. Plenty of incredible weapons can be seen throughout the MCU, such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Stormbreaker, Captain America's shield, and Iron Man's technology, but they can't compare to the handful of ancient relics seen in Phase 4. With Phases 5 and 6 coming into play over the next four years, there may be more of these intriguing relics being introduced into the MCU.

Phase 4's Ancient Relics builds on the ongoing trend of multiverse saga. Every once in a while a new Marvel project introduces a very powerful weapon and a new hero, and touches lightly on its history and power. Phase 4 has only introduced four powerful relics so far, and only two of them have been used consistently in the items they've seen. The other two, one introduced in the post-credits scene and the other screened quite a bit in its project, still left many unanswered questions about its origin and powers. Here are four ancient relics seen in MCU Phase 4, and their powers.

The Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Commandments contains the first ancient relic introduced in Phase 4, the Ten Commandments. The film tells the story of Shang Qi's father, Wen Wu (played by Tony Leung), who has owned the Ten Commandments for about a thousand years and used them to gain power. After Shang Qi (Liu Simu) is dragged back into his father's life, he understands the nature of his father's power and his intention to destroy Tarot better, so he sets out to obtain the Ten Commandments and stop his father.

The origin of the Ten Rings in the MCU is rather mysterious, as Shang-Chi didn't provide much explanation as to how they were made or where they came from. In terms of power, the ten rings endow the bearer with greater power and mystical abilities, as seen when Wen Wu bestows control over Shang Qi to defeat the Dark Dwellers. The film's post-credits scene does provide more insight into the Ten Rings, explaining that the ancient relic is not made of vibranium and cannot be found in the Master's Codex Mystical Art. Despite the lack of information about this ancient relic, it's clear that its power and its importance to the future of the MCU goes beyond that.

The Ebony Blade

The Ebony Blade appears in the end credits of the Eternals as part of Dane Whitman's (Kit Harington) family history. He opened an old chest engraved "Death is my reward" in another language, and inside it lay the Ebony Blade. He seemed nervous to pick it up, and was interrupted by an off-screen voice that was identified as Mahershala Ali's blade. The ancient relic hasn't been seen on screen again since this post-credits scene, but it's likely that the sword played a major role in Whitman's character.

Dane Whitman's sword is the magical weapon of the Black Knight in Marvel Comics, forged by Merlin and Sir Percy. Its powers include deflecting and absorbing magic, cutting through any object, and preventing the death of those who wield it. When the power of the Ebony Blade is fully unleashed, the user can also create a suit of black armor around himself. However, these With power comes a terrible curse: the Ebony Blade corrupts anyone who wields it, increasing their thirst for violence and death. This curse does make the relic and its bearer more powerful, but the price of increased power is fatal.

This ancient relic is key to Dane Whitman's future in the MCU, and its powers of witchcraft and magic, as seen in the comics, fit perfectly with the growing theme of occultism in the Multiverse Saga. It's one of the deadliest artifacts seen in the MCU so far, and while its origin is unclear, the appearance of a future Kit Harrington character will shed some light on the Ebony Blade. Characters and weapons are likely to appear in future Eternals projects, and even in Blade.

Kamala's Bangles

Kamala's bracelets first appeared in Disney+'s Ms. Marvel collection, where they play a key role in unlocking her powers. This ancient relic has changed dramatically from Ms. Marvel's comic book version, but its introduction in the series reveals a lot about its origin and powers. Ms. Marvel's MCU powers require a bracelet to channel her powers and use photon energy. it made her grow size, stretches her limbs, and creates "hard light". The bracelets also gave her access to an alternate dimension called Nur, where the secret society was born.

This relic is an important part of her story, as it unlocks her mutant powers and reveals her family's history and the origin of their powers. Since there are no comic references to her bracelets, the only source of information about them is the Ms. Marvel show on Disney+. It is clear that there is some kind of cosmic energy inside the bracelet. The post-credits scene of the final episode of the series shows the bracelet glowing before Captain Marvel and Kamala Kahn switch places, meaning they can teleport one of the universe's most powerful heroes against their will.

The Bloodstone

The latest relic to appear in Phase 4 is the Bloodstone from Nightwolf. The appearance of the bloodstone is similar to the reality stone, both are dark red and emit light. The special shows that it has been passed down in the Bloodstone family for generations, but does not mention its origin.

It looks like a bloodstone when it comes to its power More in the realm of magic, as Verussa recites a spell while transforming Jack into his monster form. The special also states that bloodstone can enhance the wearer's strength and protection, as well as increase his or her lifespan. Night's Bloodstone's werewolves are also dangerous to monsters, as they cannot come into contact with relics that would enrage and weaken them. It doesn't appear to be as deadly as any of the Infinity Stones, but it's still a very powerful weapon as shown in MCU Phase 4. Since the power of these relics revolves around magic and sorcery, they could have a major impact on the world of the MCU going forward.

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