Emily in Paris Season 3 Finally Reveals the Show's True Villain

Emily in Paris Season 3 continues Emily's complicated life, and despite Emily's many problems, Season 3 finally reveals the true villain.

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Emily In Paris season 3

Emily in Paris takes Emily's life in Paris to the next level, but also ultimately reveals the show's true villain. Emily in Paris Season 3 follows Emily (Lily Collins) making the big decision whether to stay in Savoir and move back to Chicago, or stay in Paris with her new friends and complicated love life. Although Emily encountered many problems during her time in Paris, both professionally and personally, there was not a single main villain in the first two seasons of "Emily Paris" .

Much of Emily in Paris focuses on Emily trying to resolve her work issues and develop a strong relationship with Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), but Emily In Paris' narration plot reveals the villains in Emily's life. Emily's positive attitude and hilarious insistence on keeping the piece give the wrong impression to her French counterparts, but are warmest to her, even her boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy- Beaulieu). Season 3 of Emily in Paris takes Emily's marketing skills to the next level, and while she does so, Emily's villains in Paris reveal their true colors while also emphasizing What they did to Emily from the very beginning. Paris.

Camille Is The Real Villain Of Emily In Paris

Emily in Paris season 2 shows the true colors of Camille (Camille Razat), who makes and breaks the pact with Emily that they will both stay away from Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Camille was understandably upset when she found out about Emily and Gabriel's relationship, and while they were wrong for not telling her, Emily believed the fact that they had broken up was right. Camille's strategy of using Emily to get Gabriel back was a conscious choice to purposefully manipulate Emily for her own benefit, and it only got worse by continuing to care for and befriend Emily after season 3.

Emily's life in Paris has been accompanied by many bumps in the road in her work and personal life, but none of these problems have resulted in Emily becoming a personal goal. This only changes with Camille, who deliberately manipulates Emily and Gabriel to get what she wants. Although Camille is under the pressure of her mother's plan, the influence on her is obvious, but Camille is far away from her parents, has her own life, and still betrays Emily out of jealousy. Emily solves a lot of problems by herself problem, but Camille's betrayal continued into season 3, making her the real villain for Emily Paris.

Why Camille Is A Horrible Girlfriend & Friend In Emily In Paris Season 3

Camille's betrayal continued until season 3 of Emily in Paris, this time her manipulation affecting Gabriel. Despite betraying her friend to get her boyfriend back, Camille has an affair with artist Sofia (Melia Crelin), which Emily finds out at Alfie's housewarming party. Emily keeps this information private to protect Camille and stop meddling, but when Camille returns, she still turns Emily's presence at Camille and Gabriel's engagement party into a wedding. Camille's jealousy and distrust of Emily and Gabriel, even while Camille is pregnant, has turned her into a horrible girlfriend and friend, while her behavior with Gabriel shows her to be a major hypocrite .

Camille takes Sophia to Greece, following her desire to respect her relationship with Gabriel and further emphasizing her hypocritical nature. Towards the end of Emily in Paris season 3, Emily and Gabriel's will--they-won't--reveal their relationship, but Emily never follows through. Camille still calls Emily in front of everyone, especially Alfie, which ends their relationship and shows what a terrible friend she really is used to be. Not sure if Camille came back from Greece because she loves Gabriel or just because of their baby, but either way, Camille's behavior in Paris Emily season 3 proves that she has always been the true villain.

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