Elden Ring: How To Discover (& Beat) The Dragonkin Warrior Of Nokstella

To induce the Solidified Lightning Stick Chant in Elden Ring, Discolored globe-trotters must discover and overcome the Dragonkin Warrior of Nokstella.

In Elden Ring the Dragonkin Officer of Nokstella may be a Extraordinary Foe Boss that dwells in a spacious lagoon south of Nokstella, Unceasing City, within the underground locale of Ainsel Waterway. Yet, despite having "Nokstella" in its title, the Dragonkin Soldier's sanctuary isn't associated with the Interminable City but available through the lower parcel of the locale, enterable via the Ainsel River Well in Liurna of the Lakes. As a result, Discolored don't have to be advance through Ranni's questline to come across Nokstella's covered up boss.

Vanquishing the Dragonkin Officer of Nokstella in Elden Ring rewards players with 12,000 Runes, Solidified Lightning Skewer, and a mystery in-game achievement/trophy. Solidified Lightning Skewer may be a Mythical beast Faction Spell that is uncommonly showy but as it were compelling against waste horde bunches or huge, slow-moving adversaries. All things considered, it can be very viable within the early diversion for Confidence clients, as long as their adversary doesn't have a little hitbox or isn't gifted in dodging ranged capacities.

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella Location

To induce to the Dragonkin Officer of Nokstella's area, Discolored travelers must make their way to the Ainsel Stream Well in West Liurnia. Beginning from the Church of Promises, head down the incline towards the Eastern Tableland Beauty Location. Proceed down the way west to the edge along the coastline.

After riding down to Ainsel Stream, take after the waterway downstream to the South Uhl Royal residence Ruins. Be careful of the Mammoth Ants that hang from the ceiling all through the burrows. Discolored can either cross through the Ainsel Waterway Floodgate Gate's lift or enter the Ruler Ant's refuge to reach the Ainsel Stream Downstream Elegance point. After getting past the threatening Clayman hordes, remain close the little edge to dodge being hit by the Distorted Star's shooting stars. After coming to a little insect settle within the west, head straightforwardly north to reach at the Dragonkin's boss cave.

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella Boss Fight

To effectively beat the Dragonkin Warrior of Nokstella boss battle in Elden Ring, Discolored can utilize a straightforward technique. After entering the field, the Dragonkin Warrior will drop from over, howling with animosity. Amid its thunder, players ought to surge behind its cleared out side to arrange themselves at the boss' back cleared out knee. The Dragonkin Warrior cannot reach its target in this position, as it were utilizing arm swings whereas turning around.

It's significant to keep the target bolt off amid this time whereas keeping the camera settled on the player character. Proceed assaulting the back of its leg whereas being spun around behind its posterior to cheese the Dragonkin Trooper of Nokstella boss with ease. Once the Dragonkin Officer is dead, Discolored challengers will get one of Elden Ring's mystery accomplishments, 12,000 Runes, and the Solidified Lightning Stick spell.

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