Elden Ring DLC ​​May Take Us Where We Never Thought

The Elden Ring DLC ​​has many possible locations in the main game. One possibility is more complicated, but the method is already set.

Elden Ring's DLC can take players to places they never expected. There are a lot of obvious locations for the DLC's setup, but there's a possibility that it's not that straightforward and has some very interesting narrative implications. Although it's not obvious, the Elden Ring already provides the means to get to this location, a fancy magical element that's only used once throughout the game.

Elden Ring offers several potential DLC settings with open storylines. Miquella's Dreamworld is perhaps the biggest contender, but areas other than Elden Ring's The Lands Between are also possible, such as Badlands or Land of Reeds. Given the game's popularity, it stands to reason that multiple expansion packs could be released, each focusing on one of the settings, though this has yet to be confirmed. However, a possible context remains, namely between the lands. Despite being the background of the main game, it can also be used as a DLC area for Elden Ring, but in a different way than players might expect.

Elden Ring’s DLC May Use Time Travel

The Elden Ring DLC ​​takes players back to the distant past of the Lands Between. Time travel already exists in the game in some form, players can experience Visit the secret Dragonlord Placidusax boss fight in Elden Ring. It's unclear how this magic works, or how far back in time the player is taken, making it a simple device for teleporting the player to the same area from a vastly different perspective. More evidence of this possibility comes from FromSoftware's history of implementing time travel elements in its previous expansions, such as in Dark Souls' Abyss DLC, and the more confusing Dark Souls 3's Rim City DLC.

What The Tarnished Could Do In Elden Ring’s Past

Elden Ring's future DLC setting in the past has broad story implications. The Lands Between is much older than it appears, so there are plenty of time periods to cover. The Shattered is a noteworthy era in the Elden Ring timeline that can be explored from before the game, as it could plunge the Defiled into a war between the demigods. Admittedly, though, doing so might require fighting some of Elden Ring's main bosses again, and the game already has a small problem with reusing enemies, so FromSoftware would do well to steer clear of that. However, the time before The Shattering is more interesting to visit.

Sets Elden Ring's DLC before The Shattering, making it possible for players to come face to face with some of the game's most important but absent characters. Godwyn the Golden and Ranni's true self are good candidates, but the best one is Queen Marika herself. It would be exciting to see her at the height of her power and rage against a greater will. Perhaps this can also answer lingering questions about her, and the vague details of Elden Ring's endless lore.

If any of these possibilities end up actually being the backdrop for Elden Ring's DLC, FromSoftware would have a chance to expand on the time-travel device the studio first used in the original Dark Souls. In the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, players can interact with a younger version of Sif the Wolf, the boss of the main game. If the DLC is completed before encountering the beast from the main story, a new movie will play in which Sif will recognize the player. This idea has unlimited potential in Elden Ring, as many of the characters in the main game appeared before The Shattering.

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