Dragon House theme inherits style better than actual opening

House of the Dragon's opening sequence, reimagined in the style of Succession, may be better than the actual opening sequence.

The Succession-style intro to House of the Dragon is probably better than the actual intro. When the highly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel series premiered on HBO on August 21 of this year, audiences were baffled that it didn't have an opening credits sequence. Next week, House of the Dragon Episode 2 will reveal its new title sequence, depicting blood flowing through Old Valyria. However, some viewers were still upset that House of the Dragon chose to reuse the Game of Thrones theme song written by Ramin Djawadi instead of premiering a new one.

Now, a fan has redesigned House of the Dragon's opening sequence in a legacy style, which may be better than the original. Shared by @asoiafsource on Twitter, the redesigned Dragon House opens with Succession's main title theme created by Nicholas Britell, along with grainy and static shots to replicate the visual style of the Succession intro. Watch the video below:

Why The House of the Dragon Theme In Succession Style Works So Well

The succession-style Dragon House theme is arguably better than the show's actual opening. First, it makes good use of Britell's epic main title theme, Succession, correcting Dragon House Recycles the same - albeit iconic - Game of Thrones theme song. The reimagined House of the Dragon theme doesn't follow the bloodshed in the old Valyrian model, but showcases some of the show's many House Targaryen characters, such as King Viserys (Paddy Considine Paddy Considine), Prince Damon (Matt Smith) and Princess Rhaenyla (Mily Alcock), alluding to the family tensions and conflicts central to the show.

Besides both being on HBO, the House of the Dragon and Succession mash-up is a match made in heaven, as both shows revolve around the central premise of Succession. Based on A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin's 2018 novel Fire and Blood, House of the Dragon revolves around who will succeed King Viserys on the Iron Throne, a question that culminates in a devastating succession War, called A Dance with Dragons. Likewise, much of Succession's intrigue hinges on who will succeed Logan Roy (Brian Cox) as head of the family company Waystar RoyCo, with his four grown children vying for their slice of the pie.

The parallels between the fantasy series and The Successor are so striking that even showrunner Ryan Condal agrees that House of the Dragon is the "successor of the dragon," and HBO's previous series even directly influenced the tone of the Game of Thrones prequel show in the writer's room. Both shows are about a single family's civil war, and the resulting tragedy. Among a few other reasons, this is why House of the Dragon and Inheritance mashup works so well.

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