Doctor Doom Cosplay is probably the best cosplay he's ever seen

A new cosplay portrays Marvel's greatest villain, Doctor Doom, with an incredible design that perfectly respects both aspects of his powers and legacy

Doctor Doom has been one of the best supervillains in the MCU, and the new cosplay may be his most impressive look ever. No stranger to technology and mystical upgrades, this cosplay showcases everything that makes Doctor Doom as majestic and impressive as he is.

Appearing as far back as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four #5, Doom has been the Fantastic Four's first supervillain, making him one of the greatest threats to the entire MCU. A gifted exchange student from his native Latvia, Doom met young Reed Richards at university and formed a one-sided rivalry before injuring himself in the face while trying to communicate with his dead mother, Use Reed Richards to warn him about incorrect calculations. Forging his signature metal mask to hide his injuries only made things worse, as he put his face on before the mask cooled, thereby permanently disfiguring him. Back in Latvia, he became its ruler, and from that position, he challenged the Fantastic Four and his hated Reed Richards time and time again. Doom is a master of magic and science, deploying both in an attempt to undo FF and any other Marvel hero trying to challenge him.

Now, Adam Lindsey (@pharfed) has created an incredible Doom cosplay, captured by DTJAAAAM on Twitter. This design of Doom expands on Doom's technical and mystical aspects through its design choices. The arms in particular are made from more intricate interconnected plates, and his gauntlets light up with green LEDs, indicating that some technology is hidden within. Meanwhile, his robes further accentuate Doom's secondary color gold, both signaling his royal status and bringing him closer to canonical notions of wizards and wizards.

Marvel's Ultimate Doctor Doom Comes To Life

Doom's angular mask is reminiscent of one of his strangest incarnations, the Ultimate Edition. Earth 1610's Victor Van Damme, whose origins are more closely related to the Fantastic Four, worked with the team to reach "Zone N", the universe's version of the Negative Zone. Van Damme's megalomaniac reprogramming of the N-sector machines resulted in the Fantastic Four and him being exposed to the N-sector and gaining their powers, in Doom's case metal exoskeletons and forked legs. These hooves draw a deliberate comparison to traditional figures of demons, who also often have forked hooves like goats. specific The outline of Doom's cheeks in Van Damme's "Mask" looks similar to Lindsey's cosplay, and has always been an element of Doom's design, often at play in many incarnations, distorting his face into something inhuman.

This is not the only alternate version of the Doom armor, it changes frequently. In Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Secret Wars and later in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's infamous Iron Man, Doom sometimes wore white, and his other designs ranged from simple armor modifications to Doctor Doom actually wearing infused Armor in human skin during Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo's Fantastic Four. Adam Lindsey's incredible cosplay continues a proud tradition of making Doctor Doom one of the coolest characters in Marvel, if not all of the comics.

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