Disregard Captain Picard Day, Did Commander Riker Day Ever Happen In TNG?

Captain Picard was made exceptionally awkward by the children’s occasion celebrating him, but did he ever take after through on sanctioning Commander Riker Day?

Star Journey: The Following Era broadly highlighted a children-focused Captain Picard Day on the Undertaking, but did the great captain ever take after through on his perky danger to sanction a Commander Riker Day? Captain Picard Day was initially presented within the TNG season 7 scene "The Pegasus." That scene is one of the darker installments of the arrangement, highlighting a genuine breach of believe between Picard and Riker that undermines the latter's career.

In spite of the largeness of the scene, "The Pegasus" begins off on a light note. The children of the Enterprise-D are celebrating Captain Picard Day, with Picard and Counselor Deanna Troi looking into the kids' expressions and makes sections for the occasion. Picard is unmistakably awkward with the entire issue, which is in no way made a difference by Riker putting on his best Picard impression whereas using a doll of the captain. Picard would energetically react by debilitating to order a Commander Riker Day to so also humiliate his trusted to begin with officer.

Why Commander Riker Day May Not Have Happened

There's no prove that Commander Riker Day ever happened, conceivably due in portion to the occasions of "The Pegasus." Riker's ancient commanding officer, Chief naval officer Eric Pressman, comes on board the Endeavor with orders to track down the USS Pegasus, the transport they both served on that was misplaced beneath puzzling circumstances. Riker is hesitant to share subtle elements of the mission where the Pegasus was misplaced with Picard, driving to a uncommon crack between the two men.

It's inevitably uncovered that Pressman was conducting illicit tests on the Pegasus to create a Alliance cloaking gadget, in clear infringement of galactic settlement. The unsafe tests come about in a uprising on the Pegasus; a youthful Ensign Riker sided with Pressman and fled the dispatch fair some time recently an mischance murdered everybody onboard and cleared out the Pegasus staged inside an space rock. Riker in the long run comes clean, coming about within the conclusion of Pressman's career and a serious blow to Riker's. Beneath such desperate circumstances, it would make sense that Picard would be hesitant to assign a happy occasion for his injured to begin with officer.

Captain Picard Day Celebrated In Star Trek (& The Real World)

Whereas Picard pretended irritation at the time, Captain Picard Day clearly implied something to him. When he gone to his quantum document within the arrangement debut of Star Journey: Picard, the Captain Picard Day standard is noticeably shown among the more official Starfleet commendations and memorabilia. Picard continuously claimed to be awkward around children, but he too over and over shown a delicate spot for the more youthful inhabitants of the Enterprise-D.

Comparable to To begin with Contact Day, Star Journey fans in genuine life have taken to celebrating Captain Picard Day. The occasion is celebrated each year on June 16th, as that date compares with the stardate of "The Pegasus." Star Journey: The Following Era has cleared out an persevering bequest on science fiction and pop culture at expansive, so it's no astonish that Captain Picard Day has entered the social vocabulary.

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