Did Tom Clancy Create Jack Ryan's Mike November?

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan introduced a new character in season 2 named Mike November, who returned in season 3 - but was he created by Tom Clancy?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan!

^ Mike November, played by Michael Kelly, is one of the most beloved characters in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - but did the author really create him? The Amazon Prime series is considered one of the best adaptations of Tom Clancy's beloved character, with actor John Krasinski playing the titular character for all three seasons of the series. Mike November debuted in season 2 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and the character's prominence in seasons 2 and 3 had some viewers wondering if he was from Tom Clancy's books.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan follows the titular ex-Marine on multiple missions as a CIA analyst, many of which, along with other popular adaptations of the beloved character the same role. Season 1 followed Jack Ryan as he uncovered a terrorist ring while investigating fraudulent bank transfers, while Jack Ryan season 2 followed Ryan as he investigated an arms deal between Venezuela and Russia. Season 3 in 2022 picks up where Jack Ryan season 2 left off, with the Marines trying to prevent the return of the Soviet Union and the start of nuclear war.

Despite Mike November's consistent presence in Jack Ryan seasons 2 and 3, the character It wasn't actually created by Tom Clancy. Instead, he's a completely original character exclusive to the Amazon Prime series, and hasn't even appeared in any of Jack Ryan's previous film adaptations. Mike November first appeared in Jack Ryan season 2 as a CIA field officer operating in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. However, Mike November continued to assist Jack Ryan in seasons 2 and 3, becoming a trusted ally to Krasinski's character.

Jack Ryan’s Mike November Wasn’t Created By Tom Clancy

Although Mike November is technically an original character in Jack Ryan seasons 2 and 3, he could be based on some of Tom Clancy's characters. November may have taken some inspiration from John Clarke, a popular Clancy character who served as Jack Ryan's sidekick on several occasions. Jack Ryan season 3 episode 5 even sees November go on a mission, setting up a mission for the upcoming Rainbow Six spinoff series, with John Clark as Tom Clancy ( Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novels. However, there are plenty of other Tom Clancy CIA officer Mike November who could also draw inspiration from it.

While Jack Ryan has many sidekicks in various Tom Clancy stories, Mike November is one of the best. microphone November and Jack Ryan didn't get along when they first met in Venezuela, but by the end of Jack Ryan season 3, the two had become close allies. Throughout Season 3, Mike is one of the few people Jack Ryan can trust, and the two go on dangerous adventures together. Although he wasn't created by Tom Clancy, Mike November is a great sidekick to Jack Ryan and many can't wait to see more of him in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 4 No wonder. ^Next: Every Jack Ryan actor ranked from worst to best

Mike November Is A Great Jack Ryan Sidekick

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