Did Ewoks Eat The Stormtroopers After Return Of The Jedi?!

A joke among Star Wars fans is that the Ewoks ate Stormtroopers in Return of the Jedi, but rule and Legends demonstrate whether or not this can be genuine.

The recommendation that Return of the Jedi's Ewoks ate Royal Stormtroopers taking after the Fight of Endor could be a prevalent joke among Star Wars fans, but both Legends and rule demonstrate this gag's veracity. In spite of their charming and apparently safe appearance, Ewoks are erudite creatures local to the Timberland Moon of Endor who use their extraordinary physical quality and inventiveness to assist defeat Imperial powers in Return of the Jedi. In any case, a few points of interest within the film infer that Ewoks might have eaten the Empire's vanquished troops.

Not as it were did the Ewoks about eat Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca upon capturing the Revolt heroes, but they too given Leia with a dress made for a human. Besides, in the film's celebratory finale, Ewoks are appeared playing the purge head protectors of Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, and Majestic Naval force Troopers as drums. Whereas these subtle elements may naturally lead one to expect that the Ewoks ate the Majestic powers, different rule and Legends sources uncover that devouring other erudite creatures is unthinkable for Ewoks, so the vanquished Imperials were not eaten.

ROTJ Heavily Implies Ewoks Are Cannibals

The Ewoks of Shinning Tree Town about cooked and ate two people and one Wookiee, but a Legends-era source clarifies that typically an old hone by the occasions of Return of the Jedi. Force-sensitivity is very common among Ewoks and Endor's other erudite creatures, with Shinning Tree Village's shaman Logray having a solid association to the Constrain. Tragically, as uncovered in World Direct 5: Return of the Jedi, Logray had gotten to be adulterated by the dim side by the occasions of Return of the Jedi and had been attempting to bring back an antiquated and unthinkable custom of relinquishing erudite creatures, which more youthful Ewoks such as Wicket questioned to.

Since the celebration at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi was not in honor of the Brilliant One (the god that C-3PO is mixed up for), the Dim Ceremonies would not have been actualized. Rule too affirms that Royal troops were not eaten by Ewoks, in spite of the fact that it amusingly uncovers that this was almost the case. Within the sixteenth scene of Star Wars Strengths of Predetermination, Ewoks are appeared planning to cook and eat a few Stormtroopers after the Fight of Endor but are eventually persuaded not to by Princess Leia.

Leia's Dress May Have A Disturbing Backstory

It is far fetched that Leia's Endor dress had a place to a human lady the Ewoks ate. The foremost likely clarification is that the Ewoks made the dress for her some time recently the endeavored give up of Luke, Han, and Chewbacca (an clarification emphatically inferred in another scene of canon's Strengths of Fate). Legends give another conceivable reason, in any case. The Towani family gets to be stranded on Endor in Caravan of Mettle: An Ewok Enterprise, and the dress might have had a place to their late matron, Catarine. Then again, the dress might have had a place to the ousted Nightsister Charal, an opponent in Ewoks: The Fight for Endor, who is crushed some time recently Return of the Jedi.

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