Dead to Me: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According to Reddit

Reddit users have had some unwelcome comments about the beloved Netflix series Dead to Me.

Netflix's hit comedy, I'm Dead, recently wrapped up its third season, delivering a satisfying (and heartbreaking) ending. Throughout the three seasons, the series has proven itself to be unique, with countless twists and turns.

Despite this, the friendship between Jen and Judy remained strong until the very end. Unfortunately, Reddit users have been very free to share some of their most unpopular thoughts on this particularly popular comedy series.

The Second Season Was The Same As The First

Some Redditors expressed displeasure at the narrative similarities between seasons one and two. Thrillhouse3671 wrote: "The problem is that season two is somewhat similar to season one. Also, those 'twists' are almost always patently misleading."

This criticism ignores the obvious fact that season two is actually similar to season one. There are some key changes from season one. In particular, it marks the moment when Judy and Jen's lives become more intertwined, and they start really trying to think about what they mean to each other. ^though It often crosses genres and is in many ways a mysterious show to me. As a result, it's full of cliffhangers, and while these create a sense of narrative excitement, they're not to everyone's liking. For example, Snowqueeen wrote: "It looks like plot suspense ends up being irrelevant to the plot. Or they're just there to encourage you to watch the next episode and end up binge-watching the whole show."

The Cliffhangers Seemed Pointless

It's worth pointing out, though, that this particular approach to storytelling doesn't correct. In fact, this is an important part of the streaming model. What's more, by the end of the season and series, all sorts of gripping things will finally come together.

In television, it's never a good sign when viewers start using the term "jump the shark". Toastyghost argued, "Even by the show's standards, the end of season 2 was already a little bit exciting."

The End Of The Second Season Jumped The Shark

While it's certainly true that Dead to Me is willing to have its own absurd and unexpected plot twists, it's still clear that there are an ending. More importantly, the series is one of those fun that encourages viewers to simply succumb to the absurd plot twist instead of spending too much time thinking about the illogicality of it all.

Given that its first season earned it a spot on Netflix's Best Series, it was inevitable that Dead to Me would get a second season. However, for many Redditors, this was a mistake, with some calling it redundant, while others, such as Panicless, went so far as to say "a second season doesn't make sense at all".

The Second Season Is Superfluous And Doesn’t Make Sense

Indeed, the second season did go in some new and fascinating directions. However, that's what makes it so entertaining to watch, and the uniqueness of its storytelling choices, as well as its bravery in thwarting expectations of "premium" television, should be praised rather than criticized.

Some Redditors noted that season 2's continued introduction of twists was objectionable. For example, IlliniJen writes: "I started having problems with S2 because it just exacerbated my anxiety and I couldn't watch a show with constant twists like this for long."

Season Two Is Too Anxiety Inducing

However, it's not like If only this series wasn't full of these plot twists and anxiety-inducing plots. As such, it's hard to see why anyone would keep watching the series, even knowing that it will likely continue to put more obstacles in the path of these two characters.

Dead to Me is one of the best shows about female friendship. It also puts a lot of focus on their emotions, to the displeasure of some Redditors, with Spinkenstein writing: "I really love this show but omg they spend so much time on close-ups of women crying"

It Spends Too Much Time Focusing On Crying

This seems to miss the whole point of these moments. After all, these two women have lost so much that it makes sense for the series to want to give viewers a chance to empathize with them, but this comment seems to ignore that fact entirely.

While the mystery element was key to the series' appeal, it wasn't to everyone's liking. For example, Spaketto wrote of season two's emphasis on Jen committing the murder: "It feels like there's no real good reason for that. Lie about what happened, I don't like stretching the story out for more episodes.

The Story Doesn’t Make Sense At Its Root

This argument ignores the fact that Jen, like Judy (and people in the real world) don't always act rationally (as many other Redditors have pointed out). Also, given that she just beat a man to death , it makes sense that she would react with emotion rather than cold logic.

Like many great series, Dead to Me has a great supporting cast, one of whom is Detective Perez. However, not every Redditors thought she was a great addition. For example, McFeely_Smackup wrote: "The female police character is so ridiculous that she doesn't want to do any remote investigation or take any action.

Detective Perez Isn’t A Good Character

However, it's hard to see how she could be interpreted as excessive, especially in her relationship with Jen and Judy. What's more, she did investigate the crime. The real problem is that once she realizes What happened, her willingness to let Jen off the hook is a key moral dilemma of her character.

Although many welcome Excited to announce the third season, some Redditors were not happy. Mediocre_A_Tuin said bluntly that "the third season is really not needed".

It Didn’t Need A Third Season

However, the truth is that it did need a third season, if for no other reason than to give the characters a chance to wrap up their stories. And, as those who have seen it can attest, the final season did a good job of giving these characters the ending they deserved.

In addition to being a truly great suspense drama, the series also introduces some crime elements. Some Redditors felt it didn't do enough in this regard, with CrapBag94 writing: "Steve's sketchy past could have been another layer to this story, but instead, there was just a lot of crying and worrying about whether they'd come back by the time we all answered Go to jail."

There Should Have Been More Moving Pieces

However, this misses the point of season three. At its heart, this is a rich and textured series about the power of friendship, so it makes sense that this would be the main focus of the narrative.

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