DC finally admits what every Arrowverse fan already knew

Green Arrow has an arrow cave very similar to Batman's Batcave, which shows how obvious it is that he wants to be the Dark Knight.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Stargirl: The Lost Children #2

One of the CW's big criticisms of Arrow was that it basically turned Arrow into Batman, and a recent comic said the show was over.

With the return of Infinite Earths after Dark Crisis, the Justice Society and its successors have new stories in the DC Universe. These include Stargirl, who goes against her parents' wishes to investigate a series of missing old buddies. These are the sidekicks of Golden Age heroes who have been largely forgotten by the public and DC fanbase. She even teams up with Emiko Queen (also known as the Red Arrow) to find them.

In Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck's Stargirl: The Lost Children #2, Stargirl and Amiko return to Oliver Queen's base of operations to regroup and examine the clues they found. Amiko has access to it because she is Oliver's older sister. Known as the Arrowcave, this base of operations is very similar to Batman's Batcave. Trophies are shown along with different Arrow outfits. It's an over-the-top copy of the Batcave, and Stargirl can't help but mention how badly Arrow is trying to do it Be Batman.

Green Arrow Wants To Be Batman

There are some similar themes between Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne in the comics. Besides having a billionaire playboy image, they also have a similar naming convention for their respective caves and gadgets. The CW show Arrow, however, takes this to an extreme. The Arrow on the show is much darker, dealing with theme of revenge similar to The Dark Knight. Additionally, many of Batman's villains, such as Ra's al Ghul, feature prominently in the series.

Even Arrow's Arrowcave in later seasons looks like a complex Batcave complete with computers and costumes. Fans who noticed that Batman villains like the Flush Gang and Prometheus played prominent roles in the series haven't forgotten this. So the fact that DC Comics made fun of it is pretty poignant, especially since Stargirl also just wrapped up her own show on The CW. So while Batman and Arrow do look like reflections of each other in the comic universe, it's interesting that the comics would call out the Arrowverse for their blatant fusion of the two.

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