Daniel Craig confused by love of Chris Evans' Knives Out sweater

Glass Onion star Daniel Craig reflects on the insane popularity of Chris Evans' sweater from 2019's Wilderness Action, which he still can't figure out.

Knock Out star Daniel Craig still doesn't understand why his co-star Chris Evans' sweater became an iconic fashion moment for audiences around the world. Directed by Rian Johnson, the detective-sleuth film, which premiered in theaters in late 2019, stars Craig as private eye Benoit Blanc and Evans as Hugh Ransome Drysdale, who The grandson of the famous crime novelist, his death adds to the film's central mystery. In a scene where Ransom meets his grandfather's nurse, Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas), he wears a chunky cable-knit sweater that captured the imagination of many viewers Power, and sparked a flurry of memes admiring the costume.

BBC Radio 1 interviewed Craig ahead of the sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery's release on Netflix. Reflecting on the original film, he revealed that he still doesn't understand why the sweater came off. He expressed his confusion at the reaction he got, saying fans acted as if Evans was "naked from the waist down." Read his full quote below:

It’s the bit that goes over my head. I don’t understand. It’s like, so Chris Evans is wearing a jumper. It’s like he’s naked or at least naked from the sort of waist down, wearing a jumper. I’m like, "He’s just wearing a jumper." News in is like, "Chris Evans wears jumper" [But] sure, it’s a living. He does it very well. He wears it very beautifully.

Is the Knives Out Sweater Chris Evans' Most Iconic Costume?

While some may agree with Craig's assessment of the sweater itself, there's no denying It has attracted public attention. The sweater has been photoshopped onto many different characters over the years, including Baby Yoda, Buzz Lightyear (the character Evans voices in Pixar's Toy Story spin-off Lightyear), and even the cast of The Glass Onion. However, this isn't the only Chris Evans movie moment that's been floating around the internet over the years.

Predictably, some of the actor's most popular GIFs don't wear much clothing at all. This includes animated images of scenes, including the moment in the 2011 romantic comedy What's Your Number, where he holds a newspaper naked, covering himself only with a towel. Or the scene where Steve Rogers emerges from the machine for the first time shirtless after receiving the super-soldier serum in Captain America: The Avengers. Another GIF that somewhat draws the line between clothing and nudity is from the parody Not Another Teen Movie, where he's wearing nothing but whipped cream when referring to the college blues.

In a barrage of memes, some of Evans' other outfits have caught the internet's attention. There are various uniforms of Captain America Having their moments in the sun (especially when comparing how their looks have changed over the years), his leather jacket bad boy movie star look comes from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Despite the vast selection, however, the Knives Out sweater has proven to be a perennial favorite since its debut three years ago.

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