Cocaine Bear Eyes Its Next Victim in New Photos [Exclusive]

Screen Rant has shown an exclusive first look at Cocaine Bear, Elizabeth Banks' upcoming high-octane action comedy.

Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive first look at Cocaine The Bear, an upcoming action-comedy coming out February 24, 2023. Directed and produced by Elizabeth Banks (who brought fans the delightful Pitch Perfect series as well as her many memorable screen performances), Cocaine Bear has a deeply improbable and fascinating origin story. In 1985, a drug lord's airdrop attempt went awry, accidentally causing a bear to swallow 75 pounds. cocaine.

The real story behind the cocaine bear is not as interesting as the movie itself promised me, because while there is a hunt for the lost cargo, the poor bear dies of a drug overdose before engaging in any kind of wild behavior. But screenwriters Jimmy Worden (The Nanny: Killer Queen) and Banks took the incredible premise and made it work in Cocaine Bear, depicting a drug-fuelled rampage filled with screams and laughs. The film is star-studded, but everyone's fate hangs in the balance when it comes to facing this cocaine-fueled apex predator right in front of them.

What To Expect From Cocaine Bear

As part of Screen Rant's winter movie preview, Cocaine Bear's exclusive first look at One such star is hunted by the titular bear. His face was full of fear. Although he was too far away to see clearly, he had obviously tried his best to escape. However, the bear is looking up and it looks like there will be no escape for the poor man. Others who are sure to be in his sights include actors Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more.

The trailer for Cocaine Bear gives us a glimpse of some comic carnage, opening with the bear in the throes of a drug adventure and pounce on two officers who are called to the scene. As word of the cocaine's disappearance spread, several groups began searching for the cargo, before witnessing the beast swallow several pounds of the stuff on its own. After that, it turned into a horrific chase in which many tried their best to outrun and outmaneuver the subdued and uncontrollable bear.

Although she was known for her straight-up comedy before Cocaine Bear, Elizabeth Banks was quite good in the action behind the camera and in front of the screen. She captivated audiences as Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games franchise Even played a gender-swapped Bosley (known as Boz) in 2019's Charlie's Angels, which she also directed. Like the cocaine-fueled bear itself, fans never know which direction her next project will take, but waiting to find out is half the fun.

Next page: Cocaine Bear is a Real Movie - Based on a True Story ^Cocaine Bear opens February 24.

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