Boys build worse pair than Homeland Security and Storm Front

After The Boys dated Stormfront in season 2 and pretended to be dating Starlight in S3, Homelander could be entering another dangerous relationship in S4.

The Boys season 2 featured a disturbing relationship between Homelander and Stormfront, but The Boys season 4 could have an even worse pair. Given that Homelander is always looking for approval, it's always dangerous to pair the world's most powerful superhero with another powerful superhero who supports his actions. Stormfront is the reason Homelander can no longer hide behind the mask of a "benevolent superhero," and the warped dynamic between Vought's first supes and the company's current flagship hero sets the stage for Homelander to stop playing by Vaught's rules. While Stormfront only appeared briefly in The Boys Season 3, her previous work with DHS explains the finale of The Boys season 3 and why the DHS partner is so important.

Stormfront shows Homelander that he can be bigger than Vought itself, setting a dangerous precedent for someone who already thinks he is bigger than the whole world. Homelander sees himself as a god, but Stan Edgard and Madelyn Stillwell are able to keep him under control. Now, even though Stormfront is dead, Homelander no longer fears Vought or public opinion. In fact, Homelander now runs Vought, and despite Starlight revealing most of the truth about him to the world, he still maintains a high profile. With Homeland and Starlight's sham relationship over and Homeland now picking a new member of the Seven, the boys have determined that Homeland's next relationship is more noxious and potentially dangerous than ever. The on-stage partnership was even worse than Homelander and Stormfront, thanks to a tease suggesting his new partner might be a Firecracker.

Are Homelander And Firecracker Dating In The Boys Season 4?

The Boys season 4 set images suggest that Homelander and Firecracker, one of the new members of the Seven, will have a close relationship. While little is known about the new additions to The Boys' Seven Sisters, Sage and Firecracker, The Boys' showrunner Eric Kripke suggested (via Twitter) that the DHS themselves chose the two additions to Fill Starlight, Black Noir and Maeve. Considering how much power and influence Homelander gained at the end of The Boys season 3, it wouldn't be surprising if Homelander chose a new member of the Seven without any outside input.

For this reason, it also makes sense for Homelander to choose supes he knows he can trust. After the betrayal of Maeve, Black Noir and Starlight, Homelander can't take it Another member of the Seven either helps the butcher or acts in his own interest. Firecracker, Sister Sage, and the last remaining people in the Seven are all likely to be trusted by Homelander to some degree, which means he must already be familiar with their history as heroes and probably agree with them. This, in turn, sets up Firecracker as either a submissive personality willing to conform to everything Homelander says, or someone who appeals to his more psychotic tendencies. So, unlike what happened with Maeve and Starlight, Homelander's open dating of Firecracker could be the "dream girl" for the Seven that Vought has been looking for.

How Homelander & Firecracker Can Be Worse Than Homelander & Stormfront

One of the many reasons Homelander and Stormfront make such a fearsome pair is that Stormfront will enable Homelander's actions. Without "Stormfront," the Homelander viewers saw at the end of season 3 -- a man willing to risk public perception simply because he no longer cared about being loved by everyone -- would never have been Reality. Unlike in the comics, the Homeland Security guards still have him on the line for most of The Boys season 3 - a faux relationship with Starlight being a prime example. not now It's just that Homelander no longer has to cooperate with the publicity stunt, and he's also free to enter any relationship he wants without answering to anyone else. A new, less stable, cocky Homelander, free to choose who he really wants to be with, is less likely to make healthy relationship choices. This makes it possible for Firecracker's (or anyone else's) future to appeal to his worse instincts, perhaps even scarier than before.

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