Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gives T'Challa a complex legacy

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever complicates the impact of T'Challa's legacy and his plans to share knowledge and resources with the world.

With the current state of Wakanda, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" offers a glimpse into T'Challa's complex legacy. His decision to reveal Wakanda's secrets to the world is a testament to T'Challa's unconventional reign as king and demonstrates his vision to lead the country on a new path. While it left the fictional African nation vulnerable, it was partly due to events no one could have predicted, like Thanos' attack on Earth and T'Challa's death.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever explores how Shuri, Queen Ramonda, and others in Wakanda dealt emotionally and politically with King T'Challa's sudden death. It was a fitting tribute to their king, showing the impact he had on his people, but also showing the consequences of his decision to open up the country to many others trying to exploit Wakanda during the mourning period. Now more vulnerable than ever, with a future brewing conflict with Taloqan, T'Challa's vision to transform Wakanda left him with a far-reaching but complex legacy.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Suggests T'Challa's Plan Failed

After T'Challa's cousin Erik Killmonger staged a coup against the Wakanda royal family in Black Panther, many valid points were made about Wakanda vibranium resources and how they choose to keep them for themselves. This leads to Black Panther's mid-credits scene, where T'Challa speaks to the United Nations about the true nature of the country and explains his decision to establish outreach centers around the world. T'Challa plans to share Wakanda's knowledge and resources with the world, but after his untimely death in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," his plans instead leave the country vulnerable.

The attack on the Wakanda outreach center was due to other countries trying to take advantage of Wakanda's fragile position. Several countries, seeing their King and Protector temporarily absent, thought they could take the opportunity to steal Vibration Gold. Although unsuccessful, this also led to an attack by the mighty underwater nation of Taloqan. Shuri and Talokan leader Namor had a seemingly truce at the end of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," but Namor clearly intends to strike again in the future. T'Challa's plan to share Wakanda's resources with the world ultimately fails, and the nations see this as an opportunity to strike.

T'Challa Could Not Have Foreseen Thanos

While T'Challa possesses many of the Black Panther's powers, they do not have the ability to see the future. In fact, with the amount None of the heroes who live on Earth in the MCU are prepared for Thanos' plans. Thanos' attack on Earth was definitely not a factor in T'Challa's plans to open up Wakanda to the world. Wakanda's armed forces like the ferocious Dora Miraj fighters were likely weakened, as many of them were shot or killed in the Battle for Earth, which created a new era for the nation in Black Panther. Another vulnerable attack point: Wakanda forever.

The MCU's Earth is no stranger to alien attacks, but none on the scale of Thanos' attacks in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. This is the first time Wakanda has responded to an event of its kind after sharing their secrets with the world, on a scale that even the most experienced Avengers cannot handle alone. It doesn't help that T'Challa is part of the captive population, and with his five years away, his reign as king may not be that long. Until his death in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, T'Challa had experienced multiple hiatus in his leadership that prevented him from living up to his legacy.

The Wakandan Royal Line Has Ended

As in In the beginning of Black Panther, the first king and Black Panther was Bashenga, a Wakandan warrior shaman who was endowed with a heart-shaped herb. T'Challa is believed to be his descendant, showing how the position of leader remained in the family for many years. Now that T'Chaka, T'Challa, and Ramonda are all dead, Shuri is the only living member of Wakanda's royal family. Despite her decision to take up the Black Panther mantle, by the end of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, M'Baku has been confirmed to be the king of Wakanda, and the T'Challa family's reign has temporarily come to an end.

This marks the first time someone in the T'Challa family has become king of Wakanda. While their time as royals is over, that doesn't mean it's permanent. With the way she wants to modernize Wakanda's heritage and her new responsibilities as Black Panther, Shuri doesn't seem like the type to take over as ruler of Wakanda. However, it is not entirely out of the question that M'Baku will hand the leadership back to the family. With the sons of T'Challa and Nakia in In the mid-credits scene of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it's clear that Wakanda's royal lineage isn't quite over yet.

T'Challa's Son Will Be His True Legacy

Out of respect for Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Studios decided not to recast T'Challa, and they are building other ways to continue his legacy. One of them is through the introduction of Prince Dusen, perhaps one of the greatest tributes to T'Challa. It's unclear when Tucson was born, but Nakia made it clear that she and T'Challa wanted to raise him outside of Wakanda to avoid pressure on the throne.

Calling himself Prince T'Challa shows he is aware of his royal lineage, which seems to be the Black Panther: Forever Wakanda filmmakers deliberately inferring that T'Challa's son, Prince Toussaint, will be related to a future Wakanda . Whether it's becoming a leader of the nation, taking up the mantle of the Panthers, or making other contributions, T'Challa's legacy will surely live on through his son.

T'Challa's original vision as King of Wakanda was to open up the country to the world and share their knowledge and resources. It left Wakanda after his unexpected death Being in a weak position, from using their country to waging war on Namor and Taloqan. T'Challa's legacy in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is indeed complex, but the film clearly shows the impact he had on his family and his people. Through characters like Shuri and Toussaint, T'Challa's legacy is only just getting started in the MCU.

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