Better Call Saul's perfect ending depends on a small S1 moment

Kim Wexler is the answer to Better Call Saul's biggest questions, thanks to a blink-or-miss moment in Better Call Saul season 1.

Kim Wexler's character arc in Better Call Saul took the show beyond the Breaking Bad prequels, and it all started with a subtle detail that was all but cut from season 1. While "Better Call Saul" began with the simple premise of "Saul Goodman's origin story," the spin-off quickly evolved into a larger, more ambitious character study that didn't just rely on the same premise as "Breakthrough." Poison Master's connection to play a role. Part of what made this possible was Better Call Saul's original characters, most notably Kim Wexler.

What made the original characters of Better Call Saul so special wasn't just because they gave the show a level of freedom that characters like Saul or Mike didn't. Audiences already know that Mike will only get worse before Breaking Bad, or that Gus' revenge is just beginning, but a Chuck or King story could go anywhere in terms of character arcs.

How Kim's Smirk Defined Better Call Saul's Ending

In Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 4 "Heroes", Howard and his HHM crew are watching Jimmy on the news as the lawyer "heroically" saves a fallen man Close the billboard. Howard quickly sees through Jimmy's behavior and angrily leaves the room, while Kim briefly smirks to herself afterward. According to Kim's co-star Rhea Seehorn (from Consequence), even though such a brief scene was all but cut from the series, Kim's smirk suggests she's not the "anti-Jimmy" that previous episodes have suggested. Kim takes an interest in Jimmy's plans, which ultimately leads to their downfall and defines the ending of Better Call Saul.

From suggesting that Jimmy continue working with Lalo to the Howard project, Kim Wexler ends up participating in every one of Jimmy's plans - no matter how dangerous or destructive they may become. Kim loves Jimmy, but she also loves the moments when they're both against the world. The "Victor and Giselle" downside may have started in Better Call Saul season 2, but Kim's smirk in Season 1 perfectly demonstrates how similar Kim and Jimmy are despite their careers different. Better Call Saul's fantastic final season worked because "Slippin' Kimmy" was set up in the first season.

Better Call Saul Is As Much Kim's Story As Jimmy's

Kim Wexler has only one line in Better Call Saul Season 1, Episode 1, "UNO". After six seasons, viewers may be more interested in what happens to King than Saul Goodman, Mike or Gus' "Breaking Bad story." From that smirk in season 1, Kim and Jimmy have developed a unique bond. The bond between Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler will only grow stronger with each season, rather than the predictable "Jimmy's behavior will push Kim away." Not only will Kim help with Jimmy's plans, but she also has her own "Slippin' Kimmy" flaws.

Better Call Saul becomes the story of Jimmy and Kim, both of whom have complicated character arcs that viewers can expect to end tragically. Oddly, while Better Call Saul season 1 promised an answer to "How Jimmy McGill Became Saul Goodman," that answer only appeared in the final few episodes of Better Call Saul season 6. Since Kim left Jimmy, the Better Call Saul character has followed Breaking Bad's instant-turned Saul Goodman for six years and four seasons. Kim is the answer to Better Call Saul's first and foremost question, but she's also an incredible character in her own right.

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