Best Magic Decks, Ranked (Updated December 2022)

Are you ready for some real gaming? Take a break from that screen and get creative with the best Magic: The Gathering cards you can find.

The creator of the game Magic: The Gathering was a mathematician and creative innovator inspired by his childhood Dungeons and Dragons games. But what makes Magic so unique, addictive, and captivating is that players are able to collect the best Magic decks to create not only winning strategies, but unique characters—entirely separate identities within the game. The game's designer later explained that his game was closer to role-playing than a simple card game. Building a deck is essentially character building—and more than half the fun is reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons. Playing the game then means putting that well-honed character into action, and like the aforementioned Dungeons and Dragons, it creates a level of realism that is hard to come by in other card games or video games^ In its 30 years Historically, Magic has maintained its legendary appeal and popularity even with the rise of video games. It takes the excitement of the game off the screen and tangibly puts it in your hand in the form of cards - each with its own little A world of fantasy, power, stunning artwork, and... well, magic. By adding more and more cards, players can continually improve their decks, fundamentally enhancing, customizing and rebuilding their different roles in the game and their unique way of self-expression, both as a way to achieve victory and Also a way to optimize their individual creativity.

In addition to the thrill of building the perfect, playable deck, there's the thrill of opening a brand new pack to see what's inside, from the perfect pull to complete the deck, to the best foils and rares, the best Magic collecting cards offer everything from the thrill of hunting and the fun of collecting to the triumphant glory of beating your opponents.

If you're ready to level up your game by purchasing new MTG decks, here's the place to collect and start - 10 of today's best booster packs, boxes and bundles for fans of Magic: the Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering has become a collecting, trading, and playing global phenomenon with a rich history and layers of lore dating back to its debut days in the 1990s, when its popularity led to a series of card-collecting games Unlike anything ever known, not even in sports. But before Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, there was Magic: the Gathering, and the practice of entering this magical world to customize powerful game decks to collect and strategize the best Magic the Gathering cards continues today - It's arguably more popular than ever as people spend more time at home due to the pandemic. Long-time fans find old cards, add new ones, build new decks, and develop new game strategies—though not together to play. Those of you who have been curious have finally had time to jump in and start building the perfect playable deck.

With interest in Magic: the Gathering more active than ever, players old and new are weighing their options by purchasing individual cards, boosters, boxes, or bundle deals.

Serious entrants may wish to build their dream deck by searching the game store, searching eBay, and setting up deals, one card at a time to build a killer deck. But for kitchen table players, part of the fun is playing with what you get, adding an element of "luck of the draw" and strategy required beat the opponent.

Buying Singles for Serious Deck-Stacking

While buying only the cards you need to build the perfect deck can be a wise spending strategy, many players feel that building a well-polished deck to play at a competitive level takes away from a key part of the fun—opening new See what cards might be inside waiting to be discovered, and the excitement of finding something you've been looking for, something rare, something powerful, or something beautiful. The best Magic cards have all of these qualities.

The choice to buy a single or a package is based on choosing whether competitive play is your plan or whether the fun of gambling is your real goal.

Boosters are a sealed pack of cards themed from specific expansion packs, from the organized crime world of Neo Capena in the 1920s to fan-favorite Dungeons & Dragons lore. The thrill of gambling comes from buying boosters without knowing what cards they contain. It's addicting fun to open a pack and pull out the cards to see what you've got, leaving aside the rare, mythic rare and beautiful traditional foil cards to examine in detail later. this The intricate artwork on each card alone makes opening each pack an adventure, but it's also exciting to discover rare and special cards that are only included in a certain percentage of packs. Of course, finding enough of each type of card to build a playable deck is also fun.

Understanding Booster Sets

Draft booster boxes contain sets designed for draft or limited play environments. These are the original Booster products and come with a fixed set of cards based on their rarity. A certain percentage includes interesting switches, such as premium flash cards instead of regular cards.

Booster Box Types

Set Booster Boxes also contain sealed card packs, but are not restricted by the card types and rarity levels required for draft or limited play. Instead, they offer collectors more rare, mythic rare, and unique cards. While the cards are perfectly playable and buyers can use them to build decks, Set Booster was designed with the thrill of a treasure hunt in mind, for collectors who just like to unpack pack after pack to see what amazing things they find cards.

A good example of a booster box is Innistrad: Crimson Oath Collector Booster Box. The set contains tons of booster cards, rare cards, and more, for a total of 182 cards. What's more, booster boxes are entrenched in vampire mythology. This is evident in its artwork, with backgrounds depicting castle-like settings and characters that are almost direct renditions of classic horror monsters like Dracula and vampires. But overall, the collection perfectly complements a player's overall card catalog and steals.

Like anything else, Magic's popularity has more or less faltered over the years. However, it's still going strong, with over 40 million players worldwide thanks to its 30-year streak of popularity.


1. Magic: the Gathering Zendikar Rising Gift Bundle

With many games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, picking up can be difficult, especially for beginners. However, Magic: The Gathering is more accessible than some of its board game brethren. The MTG store sometimes even offers free starter decks for newcomers.

2. Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons II Draft Booster Box

Magic: The Gathering, while still approachable, is still a difficult game to fully master and become an expert on. The computer proves this, its chess algorithm is actually less complex than its For magic: the party.

3. Magic: the Gathering 2022 Challenger Deck

When it comes to learning and understanding, Magic is a great learning tool for kids. However, this applies to children under the age of 7. 7-9 years old is the golden age when you want your child to start learning the game.

4. Magic the Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Booster Box

The vast majority of Magic players are between the ages of 20 and 30. Like anything, there will be outliers, but most players will be in this age range.

5. Magic the Gathering Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Booster Box

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