Best Batman: Arkham Cosplays

Batman: Arkham offers unique take on classic DC characters like Harley Quinn, and some fans have brought them to life in impressive cosplay.

It's been a while since a new game in Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series, but fans of the Arkham universe are keeping its spirit alive with some fantastic role-playing. Gotham City is home to some of the most memorable characters in the DC Universe, and these fan-favorite games allow players to interact with them in some of the most exciting ways imaginable. However, some cosplayers take their love for the series to another level by becoming these characters in real life.

The Arkhamverse series of games offers a unique depiction of the DC Universe, with developer Rocksteady combining a myriad of different interpretations when creating the first game in the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum. The gothic elements of the comics and some of the Art Deco influences of Batman: The Animated Series are reflected in the series' setting, with Batman: Arkham's character designs leaning the most into comic book territory. However, Rocksteady did deviate from the source material in some of these designs, with Harley Quinn's Batman: Arkham City redesign changing the character's visual makeup forever.

Saadleup's Cosplay Looks Just Like Batman In Arkham Knight

Cosplayer Saadleup on Reddit recreated the Batman: Arkham protagonists so much that they It could also be Batman himself in real life. Drawing inspiration from Batman: Arkham Knight, their suit replicates its video game counterpart in every detail, as the protective materials, armor plating and unique fairing are all similar to Bruce Wayne's. Upgraded version of Highly Dangerous Batsuit to match. He even includes a Batman utility belt full of gadgets. While his fate may look unclear in the finale of Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman might still be alive after all, thanks to Saadleup's stellar roleplay.

arkhamlogin Captures Batman: Arkham Asylum's Joker Perfectly

Although the Joker has seen many interpretations during his lifetime, the Arkham Universe's depiction of the Chaos Joker is particularly creepy compared to others. Arkhamlogin's cosplay on Reddit nails the Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum, accurately donning a purple tuxedo, yellow shirt and wilted flowers. Additionally, cosplayers even recreated the Clown Prince of Crime's pointy, elongated facial structure and exaggerated hairline shape to match the character's cartoon likeness. His hunched posture as he leans on his cane depicts the villain's weakened state after eating a titan.

rottenqueen.cosplay Replicates Batman: Arkham City's Harley Quinn

Each version of Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham is unique in story and appearance, but it is her image that fans love the most Batman: Arkham City - and rottenqueen.cosplay on Instagram provided an impressive portrayal of the look. Just like in the game, the iconic red and black pairing is the main style focus of the outfit, with mismatched pieces depicting Harley's chaotic, conflicted state of mind. The dark smoky makeup (along with the actual smoke the cosplayer exhales) gives the Joker's sidekick a grown-up air that stands in stark contrast to other more playful depictions - the baseball bat at her feet adds the perfect dose of violence to the look .

Jmweissman Could Be The Real Arkham Knight

Cosplayer jmweissman on Reddit brings the Batman: Arkham Knight titular character to life in this incredibly detailed cosplay. Every aspect of Arkham Knight's suit stays true to his in-game depiction, from the militaristic armor plates to the glowing blue mask that hides his identity, right through to Arkham Knight's predictable villain twist that reveals him to be Jason Todd. The suit even has some tasteful scuffs and scratches that represent the widespread animosity between Arkham Knight and his former ally Batman before turning to the Red Hood. jmweissman's cosplay perfectly recreates the anti-hero's offbeat batsuit donned out of spite, and encapsulates the character's complex backstory.

zabracus Nails Batman: Arkham Asylum's Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is one of the most recognizable characters in the DC universe, but Batman: Arkham games portray a slightly different version of the femme fatale. Cosplayer zabracus on Instagram looks like the game's former botanist, faithful to Poison Ivy's Batman: Arkham Asylum image. Her green skin is dotted with vines, like the plants that fused with the villain's body in the infamous experiment, and her shaggy fiery red hair looks striking too. If Ivy and Harley meet in Suicide Squad: KTJL, Pamela's appearance may change again, but zabracus is sticking with Poison Ivy's roots in this cosplay.

infamous_tyler_ann Poses As Batman: Arkham City's Catwoman

Playing Catwoman from the Arkham City games on Instagram, infamous_tyler_ann is caught red-handed by Batman in a realistic catsuit. The costume's sleek black design looks to offer a flexible range of motion, a real necessity for a trickster, and the headgear features the character's signature goggles and cat ears. Thick collars are a cute yet classic accessory, and gloves are adorned with sharp, cat-like nails. The gemstones in her hand, together with the jewels that fell out of the bag, add another fit catwoman cosplay by infamous_tyler_ann is a bit of a steal.

Masked_Mateo Cosplays Batman: Arkham City's Nightwing Accurately

The Batman: Arkham game portrays Nightwing as an unrivaled acrobat and warrior, while Masked_Mateo on Reddit looks perfect for a trapeze artist-turned-vigilante cosplay. One of Nightwing's abilities in Gotham Knights and other Batman games, Masked_Mateo wields Escrima Sticks with confidence, making it seem both dangerous and accurate. Plus, the muscular physique complements Batman: Arkham City's signature black-and-blue suit and intimidating domino mask.

With these talented cosplayers, cosplayers and viewers alike get closer to their favorite Arkhamverse characters. The impeccable attention to detail and undeniable dedication make these entertainments stand out - and they set the bar even higher for future Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. There's still plenty of time for fans to discuss these incredible Batman: Arkham cosplays before the new game launches in 2023, though.

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