Batman 2 Could Finally Introduce Another Iconic Detective To The DCU

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson bring "Batman Detective" to the big screen, setting up another investigative character to make his DCU debut.

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson team up for an introspective take on Batman on the big screen, opening up the live-action debut of another famous Batman detective, Vic Sage, in Batman 2 . Born Charles Victor Szasz, the Hub City native doubles as The Question, a masked vigilante known for leaving a business card with curious punctuation marks. While Vic Sage's current comic iterations are filled with magical properties like shapeshifting, teleportation, and even immortality, if James Gunn and Peter Safran work hard to include The Question in Batman 2, going back to his DC Comics origins would be a no-brainer .

Just as Batman 2 was set up to make Robin's debut in the DCU, the film is set to feature other street-level DC characters such as Vic Sage. The Question first appeared in Charlton Comics' Blue Beetle #1 in June 1967. Created by Steve Ditko, Vic Sage is an investigative reporter with a special gift for fighting corruption by any means necessary. While the character has since been further explored in games like Justice League Infinite, Wick Sage has yet to appear in live-action, and Matt Reeves' A proven ability to direct neo-noir superhero films paved the way for another iconic detective in the DCU.

The Question Is Perfect For Matt Reeves' Version Of Batman

Although significant changes have been made since the inception of the Question Mark, the character's detective roots, initial lack of superhuman abilities, and natural Batman-like background made Vic Sage an ideal choice for Batman 2. Batman is portrayed as the ultimate detective -- a fact that's evident in Matt Reeves' The Batman -- but arguably only because of Bruce Wayne's vast pockets. Plus, Vic Sage's investigative acumen is unparalleled in DC Comics, even compared to Wayne's. Both characters have similarly troubled upbringings, both were orphaned at a young age, and neither has supernatural powers.

Vic Sage's presence as another iconic detective in the DCU also fits perfectly with the grounded version of Gotham that Reeves made in Batman. The saint accomplished what he could through the legal process, but was also willing to take questionable steps to achieve his personal version of justice while bound by the shackles of society. This industriousness and duality perfectly mirrors Bruce at the end of Batman, when he realizes that Gotham To improve, the city needs more than Batman's legally dubious shenanigans—more importantly—Bruce Wayne's ability to use his legitimate public profile and influence as a force for good.

A Vic Sage Appearance Could Open The Door For Other Street-Level DC Characters

Aside from the obvious character and tonal similarities between Reeves' Gothamverse and The Question, Vic Sage's introduction to the DCU may be the catalyst for the emergence of other street DC Comics characters. Batman and The Question don't have a storied history in the comics, but Sage does have ties to Batman-adjacent characters like Renee Montoya and Huntress. Montoya even donned The Question mantle briefly in the comics, wearing Sage's signature faceless mask. Rosie Perez already played Montoya in Birds of Prey, but it's hard to say if that movie will follow up with the new DCU.

Batman is one of the best movies of 2022. Gunn and Safran have to capitalize on the potential of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson returning to their caped crusader incarnations in Batman 2, while still guiding the overall long-term vision of the other characters. Reeve's penchant for nuanced film noir could continue to shine in a film featuring detective-style stories and introducing another iconic detective to the DCU, Wick Sage's The Question.

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