Batgirl's Superpowers Make Her Really Gotham's Greatest Detective

Batman is considered the greatest detective in the world, but as the most overlooked sidekick in the Bat-family, Cassandra Kane's Batgirl might be even better.

The moniker of "World's Greatest Detective" in DC Comics has always seemed to fit Batman best, but there may be others in the Bat-family—specifically, Cassandra Kane's version of Batgirl—that might be more appropriate. worthy of the title. At the very least, this Batgirl might be best suited to follow in Bruce Wayne's footsteps as the next world's greatest detective, and arguably the underrated candidate for the next Batman.

The daughter of Assassin David Kane and Lady Shiva, Cassandra became an expert in martial arts from a very young age. One skill that is often overlooked, however, is that she learned early on how to read key ideas from small details and subtle body language. These are, of course, the key elements of what makes a skilled detective.

Cassandra Cain demonstrated this detective skill in her early activities, most notably Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott's Batgirl #24 in 2002. At this point, Cassandra is unaware of Batman's secret identity. However, after overhearing two passing detectives describe Bruce Wayne's backstory, and then seeing young Bruce's eyes from an old newspaper, Cassandra Being able to correctly decipher that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person. With just a few newspaper clippings and the tiniest details about the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Cassandra has the ability to uncover the biggest secrets in Gotham City.

Cassandra Cain's Sharp Mind Does Not Get Enough Respect

Since then, Cassandra's skills as a detective have only improved from there. Most recently in Matthew Rosenberg and Eddie Barrows's Task Force Z, Cassandra Kane's Batwoman figured out the location of Lazarus Pap on her own, while the Bat-Family's Other members were too busy bickering to make assumptions. It's also worth noting that, over the years, Bruce has often expressed how impressed he is with Cassandra's abilities and her understanding of their work as crime-fighters. He even noticed the similarities they shared.

Cassandra Kane is often ignored when it comes to Batgirl in general, and is more easily left out of the conversation when it comes to members of the Bat-family. However, the detective skills she showed early on as Batgirl and the way she keeps improving Shows that maybe Cassandra Cain deserves more recognition. All things considered, Cassandra is one of the best candidates to take on the Batman mantle when Bruce Wayne finally steps down. If nothing else, Cassandra Kane has proven more than once, especially when it comes to being savvy enough to figure out Batman's secret identity, that her Batwoman has the potential to make the Dark Knight the world's greatest detective.

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