Arrow and Black Canary Don't Match, and DC's Heroes Know It

Green Arrow and Black Canary have one of the most iconic and enduring relationships in comics, but not everyone thinks they belong together.

Arrow and Black Canary's relationship is as iconic as Superman and Lois Lane's, but when they got married, no one in the superhero community seemed to believe their marriage would last.

Dinah and Oliver's relationship has been going on for decades at this point, and while they've certainly had their ups and downs, there's no question that they belong and love each other deeply. Even though Oliver and Dinah were meant to be together, as Arrow and Black Canary made clear when they met their future daughter, their relationship has received its fair share of criticism in the DC universe.

Judd Winick and Amanda Connor in Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Special show readers exactly what the superhero community thinks about Arrow and Black Canary's relationship. In this issue, Oliver and Dinah send out wedding invitations to every superhero they know, some of whom fully support, like Barbara Gordon, and others who are either surprised or completely dismissive. This isn't surprising, considering Black Canary believes her relationship with Oliver is doomed. But it's still a pity that they don't get the support of the moment the community they belong to.

No One Thought The Marriage Would Last

The wedding does have some issues, but not because of Oliver or Dinah. The wedding is sabotaged by Deathstroke and a group of supervillains, who are eventually pushed back. Still, it's a good analogy to their relationship, and despite all the bickering, they ended up together. It probably took longer than most, and there could have been some twists and turns, but in the end, Dinah and Oliver ended up together. Neither is a perfect partner. Oliver famously cheated on Kevin Smith and Phil Hester as Dinah in Arrow and Black Canary, and has spent time with Deathstroke and Russ O'Gourd in the past . But despite this, Oliver and Dinah will always find a way to get back to each other no matter the circumstances. Oliver and Dinah's love is so strong that not even death can come between them, as Oliver beats or cheats death twice just to get back to the woman he loves.

Arrow and Black Canary never had what could be called a "stable" relationship, and they bickered frequently. But despite all the fighting and the end of the world In the event, despite being separated or one of them being killed, Black Canary and Green Arrow always find their way back to each other.

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