All the Ways You Can Save TikTok to Watch Later

Learn how to make your TikTok watchlist.

Should users save or favorite TikTok to create a "to watch" list, and is there another way? There are many reasons why individuals save videos from social media platforms. Sometimes, they don't have time to read it all, or it might contain a recipe they want to try. For whatever reason, users expect the app to provide a way to return to videos without having to search again.

TikTok has many options for saving videos, and its parent company, ByteDance, has found out on Twitter which method users prefer. In a recent poll, "How do you save TikTok to watch later," TikTok compared the "Like" button to the "Add to Favorites" feature. The consensus is largely split 50/50, with the "Like" button winning by a narrow 0.6%. That's little loss to the Favorites option, which offers more features.

The Like VS The Favorites Feature On TikTok

When watching TikTok, tapping a heart to show you like a video is effortless. Of course, this option allows users to find it under "Like Videos" in their profile. It's convenient and straightforward, but it doesn't provide Organizations make it difficult to find TikTok later, especially if it's been weeks or months since users first liked it. Keeping TikToks as favorites is better for organizing TBW content.

By selecting the favicon located below the comment button, users can create a TBW category, and even place TikTok under tags related to their topic. Still, if the user doesn't select a collection after adding it to favorites, the menu can be as cluttered as the "Like" tab. If a user decides not to use favorites, it comes down to a preference for whether to use 'like' or 'add to favorites'.

Even with these two options, users will find many other ways to remind themselves to come back and watch the video. Jose Valdez responded to the TikTok tweet, explaining that he shared TikTok with his wife to watch later. Other users also commented that they downloaded content to store TikTok in their camera roll. Other methods include creating a file to store the link or embed the video. Retweeting TikTok is possible, but it doesn't post to a user's profile like Facebook, so Doesn't make it an effective tool for creating TBW lists.

TikTok's polls provide a lot of insight and may be useful to companies. Companies can find better ways to improve user experience by asking users directly. The social media app has recently provided users with new benefits such as the Gifter Level Up program and effects like Trickster's voice. Perhaps TikTok is hinting at future updates to the Like button or Favorites feature.

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