A work will finally show a logical awakening

One Piece has teased that with the imminent return of Admiral Kizaru, fans will soon be able to see the awakening of a Logia-type Devil Fruit.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1070 of One Piece.

^ One Piece teases that soon its fans will be able to see the awakening of Logia-like Devil Fruits. Admiral Borsalino (aka Kizaru) is coming, and he has one of the strongest Logias in the series, as well as some meaningful comments from Dr. Vegapunk suggesting that the manga will show the evolution of the strongest type of Devil Fruit soon.

In One Piece, there are three types of Devil Fruits. The Zoan type allows the user to have the physical characteristics of an animal. Paramecia grants various abilities with various effects. Finally, Logia are considered the strongest type, as they allow users to control natural forces and elements, such as ice, fire, or electricity, and transform their bodies into them. Since the series introduced the concept of Devil Fruit Awakening (a process of drawing on the true power of the fruit, granting new, enhanced abilities), Logia has been kind of put on hold, as this awakening is only available to Zoan and Paramecia. However, this may all change soon.

Chapter 1070 of One Piece teases that Logia will soon wake up in series. The Straw Hat Pirates are currently trying to rescue Dr. Vegapunk from the World Government's CP0 assassins. After hearing the news of the Straw Hat gang on Egghead Island, the Navy dispatches a powerful Admiral, Kizaru, who has ties to Luffy and his companions. When they first meet, Kizaru's Pika Pika no Mi proves to be overwhelming, and he brings the Straw Hats their worst defeat ever, ending their adventure almost forever. However, Luffy is now more than capable of dealing with him, thanks to the ridiculous power of fifth gear he gained after awakening the Devil Fruit. To be fair, it's also possible that Kizaru will show the power of the awakened Lugia for the first time, and Dr. Vegapunk's words also hint at this.

Explaining the process he used to create the artificial Devil Fruit, Vegapunk stated that while he was successful with Zoans and Paramecia, he was a total failure with Logia. Considering Kizaru's unexplained connection to Vegapunk (Admiral's light-based devil fruit abilities are similar to many inventions of scientists) this mention was previously thought to be the strongest The variety of devil fruit is no coincidence. After all, One Piece fans are well aware that after the much-hyped first half of the series, Lugia - and the admirals who wield them - once Haki (and later the Devil Fruit awakening) became so prominent, It loses its appeal. Well, now is the perfect time to show off what the awakened Rogia is capable of, which will also make the long-awaited rematch between Kizaru and Luffy even more interesting.

One Piece Has To Show An Awakened Logia To Make Admirals Feared Again

Kizaru's return is not only an opportunity for the Straw Hats to avenge their most humiliating defeat, but also a great way to make the once formidable Admiral respectable and respectable again. The Green Bull's appearance in Wano turned out to be a disappointment, so Kizaru now has a chance to rectify that, showing that an awakened Rogia Devil Fruit can be one of the most terrifying powers in the One Piece universe. ^More: Official translation of One Piece revolutionizes the origin of Devil Fruit ^The latest chapter of One Piece is available from Viz Media.

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