A romance with Wednesday and Enid wasn't ruled out, according to the show's creators

The co-creator on Wednesday weighed in on whether Jenna Ortega's character would have a romantic relationship with Enid.

According to the show's creators, a possible romance between Wednesday and Enid isn't off the table for season 2. Wednesday has become a year-end surprise, breaking Netflix records and still part of the online conversation weeks after its debut. There are several factors to this popularity, from Jenna Ortega's lead performance to Tim Burton serving as executive producer and director for the first four episodes. But, as always, great for a teen drama, it sparked a heated debate about which role was best for the titular Addams family member, or whether she was a better fit for herself.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, co-creators Miles Miller and Al Goff see Wednesday's popularity with her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) as a potential romance relation. When asked directly if they were going to look at the scene between the two from a romantic perspective, or just focus on the friendship, Miller gave a thoughtful answer and said the writers were open to everything, And there's some insight into how those characters might reveal themselves offline. Millar's full quote follows:

"As Al said, this idea of sisterhood is key to the show. We’re not gonna discount anything, and, obviously, sometimes characters reveal themselves, which is the fun thing we love about television, that it’s an organic journey. We have a roadmap, and we’d like to have routes along that map that take you in unexpected directions. So, we’re open to everything. We wanna explore that friendship in every way, but we’re not gonna be, this is where you sometimes get misdirected by fans and things like that, so it’s just being really open to see how those characters develop and that friendship. As Al said, that friendship is key to our sort of vision of the show."

Is A Wednesday & Enid Relationship Right For The Show?

Perhaps one of the most useful things about Wednesday and Enid's popularity is that it helped start useful discussions about shipping. These themes include ways to view female friendship from a romantic perspective or to build such a relationship organically. This is a broader discussion than Enid and Wednesday itself, and it's easy to see the appeal.

This is an obvious case of attracting opposites, as Ortega's subdued and moody portrayal contrasts with the sunshine Myers brings to her role. It's an interesting dynamic to watch and a classic trope. Perhaps hard to answer is that Wednesday and Enid can explore more than friendship, but it can be one-sided or ultimately disappointing, or fleetingly perfect. It doesn't necessarily have to present the typical happy ending implied by the transport.

Regardless, Wednesday's creators were acutely aware of fan reactions and publicly stated that they reserved their choice. If the show is as popular as "Stranger Things" and attracts audiences around the world, talk of an ending could be a long way off.

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