A real italian bar is too erotic for white lotus season 2

A true Italian bar that was too sexy for season 2 of HBO's White Lotus due to its theme, despite being a popular tourist destination in Sicily.

The White Lotus did not venture to a famous location in Sicily in Season 2. The satirical comedy series wrapped up its second season this year, moving from the tropical Hawaiian location of season 1 to vibrant Sicily. The latest installment of the anthology show features a cast of extremely rich and superficial patrons, in addition to returning characters from Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gris, as well as Sicilian locals and hotel workers. Blending themes of sex, violence and greed with the island's history and mythology through the use of art, music and location, White Lotus season 2 showcases director Mike White's commitment to using new locations to bring out the worst in his characters side interest.

CNN recently spotlighted the fascinating filming locations of The White Lotus season 2, providing interesting details about the season's real hotel, Palazzo San Domenico (operated by Four Seasons) in Taormina . However, hotel manager Lorenzo Maraviglia revealed that while White was eager to incorporate plenty of local Sicilian lore and culture into the season, there was one spot that didn't make it to the screen. The bar, called Bar Turrisi, is filled with phallic decorations, even the cups and stairs are firmly on display. cast Real hotel workers have been known to frequent this historic pub, and waitress Giorgia Ponturo provides more information on this fascinating spot. See what Maraviglia and Ponturo have to say below:

Maraviglia: "Director Mike White was extremely receptive of these local things, we'd joke about them, and he included many of our suggestions in the season, like Italian songs, adapting his approach to reality." Ponturo: "[Bar Turrisi] dates back to 1947, it used to be a brothel and gay hotspot. Then the owner decided to adopt the phallus motif, which was an ancient Greek symbol of sexual potency and fertility, to reaffirm the virility of Sicilian men. It also brings good luck."

How The Local Lore Informs White Lotus

As a satirical drama, "The White Lotus" centers on seemingly exotic locations and aims to bring out the insouciance and extravagant lifestyles of wealthy stars. bright. Because the series focuses on very wealthy vacationers, the guests' experiences in both seasons 1 and 2 have a fleeting feel to them, and their actions have real, sometimes real implications for the locals and places they visit. Even devastating effects. Although the guests mostly come through each season unscathed, and sometimes better, their interactions with the local culture often lead to an examination of their personal lives and a certain veneer of self-awareness, no matter how fleeting it ends up being. .

In "White Lotus" season 1, the interactions between the privileged Paula (Brittanio Grady) and her vacation partner Kai (Keko Yakai Kumano) give her a glimpse of The way colonialism remains hidden in plain sight drives a misguided impulse in her to try to help Kay, which ultimately leads to his arrest. Paula was able to go home, but after the trip the experience clearly affected her. Likewise, in "White Lotus" season 2, Ethan (Will Sharp) and Harper (Aubrey Plaza) are surrounded by historical statues symbolizing adultery in a hotel that were planted early The seeds of a possible affair with each other rekindled the passion in their marriage.

Theories About White Lotus Season 3 Location

While Bar Turrisi would have been an appropriate location for White Lotus season 2, given the season's sexual content and interest in human desire, the local haunt Probably too much for White. Though that place was notably underutilized, Sicily was a big character in season 2, leading fans of the series to theorize about the anthology show's next vacation spot. Some pointed to the mention of Greece in season 2 as a possible clue for season 3, while others speculated it was Japan, Bali, or Mexico. Wherever The White Lotus season 3 ventures, local culture is sure to play a big role in the next installment.

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