A new chapter of Hunter x Hunter reveals the franchise's modern influences

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most influential shounen manga ever, but its latest chapter reveals how much the modern series has influenced it.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Chapter 399 of Hunter x Hunter!

^ The latest chapter of the long-running manga Hunter x Hunter shows how manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi was influenced by some of Shonen Jump's new series, such as Jujutsu Kaisen. That's a bit ironic, considering Hunter x Hunter's obvious influence on creators like Jujutsu Kaisen creator Gege Akutami. But it also shows one of the potential consequences of a series running for so long.

In Chapter 399 of Hunter x Hunter, Hinrigh and Nobunaga finally meet some of Heil-Ly's followers in their secret hideout. Heil-Ly lawyer Yokotani is one of these lackeys. Yokotani's Nen abilities are based on whether their enemies have broken any laws. If they have, Yokoya's ability creates invulnerable guards that can escort them off the field. It is very similar to Hiromi's domain expansion in the jujitsu battle. In that series, if Hiromi could convince an impartial judge that his enemies were guilty, they would be stripped of their power, leaving them at his mercy. Both abilities are nearly impossible to stop if the victim is guilty, and both are based on the legal system.

The complexity of these two abilities is a perfect example of how similar they are Both Jujutsu Kaisen and Hunter x Hunter powertrains are fine. Both sets feature a simple base energy system (Cursed Energy and Nen respectively) that can be applied in very innovative ways to create more interesting powers. In this regard, Hunter x Hunter clearly influenced Jujutsu Kaisen, as its powertrain was developed before the latter's manga began serialization. But during Hunter x Hunter's absence, Jujutsu Kaisen has become an influential series, and it's not impossible for Togashi to read it, which would explain his latest character's powers.

Hiromi first appears at the beginning of the Culling Game arc, sometime before the release of the latest chapter of Hunter x Hunter. One of Togashi's aides said that many of the latest Hunter x Hunter chapters were written years ago, but that doesn't mean Togashi didn't add or tweak any new characters or abilities before making it to the pages of Shonen Jump. Considering Yokoya and Hiromi Given how similar the abilities are, Fuan likely took inspiration from Grid's work, completing the beautiful cycle of influences that can only be found in a long-running series like Hunter x Hunter.

Jujutsu Kaisen's Influence on Hunter x Hunter is a Good Thing

rarely The manga lasts long enough to actually be influenced by a new generation of artists. It's always exciting when that happens, as it gives readers a glimpse at what their favorite old series might look like with more modern likenesses. Jujutsu Kaisen's influence on Hunter x Hunter is a very positive sign, as it shows that Togashi has been working hard to improve and develop his work in new and exciting ways.

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Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399 can be read from Viz Media.

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