A Far From Home Joke Makes Up One of the MCU's Most Tragic Backstories

Although he's only a supporting character, Spider-Man: Far From Home uses two little jokes to set up the character's tragic backstory and the future of the MCU.

While Spider-Man: Far From Home looks like a fairly light-hearted comedy, a simple one-off joke secretly forms one of the MCU's most tragic backstories. The MCU is full of Easter eggs and background tidbits, and important elements from the comics are often added to various MCU projects as little more than a joke. Spider-Man: Far From Home did the same, but it seems the MCU may be preparing to delve into the tragedy that this joke has spawned.

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" follows Peter Parker and his classmates on a field trip across Europe, while the evil Mysterio is behind the scenes plotting Spider-Man's downfall. As Peter tries to keep his identity a secret, his classmates are put in danger several times throughout the film, and the tour group consists of MJ Watson, Ned Leeds, Lightning Thompson, Betty Brant, and more. Due to Spider-Man: Far From Home's convoluted plot and large cast, some character development was sidelined--but the film actually sets up their stories for future movies.

A Far From Home Joke Revealed Flash's Tragic Relationship With His Father

Parents of other students picking up their children at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home Flash's parents are too lazy to show up after the kids have had a tumultuous time in Europe. Instead, Flash was picked up by a family driver. On top of that, Flash can also be seen texting his mother earlier in the film, stating that he hasn't heard from his parents since he went on a trip. The MCU's Flash mentions that his parents are very rich but only hints at their negligence, but these two moments in Far From Home give us a glimpse into the Flash's tragic relationship with his father.

Actor Tony Revolori recently spoke about The Flash's backstory, explaining that "If these movies do go ahead and they ask me to come back, I'd be happy to explore [the Flash's backstory] further. story]." The Flash's negligent parents are actually very important in the comics, with The Amazing Spider-Man #574 revealing that The Flash's bullying behavior is actually a product of his father's physical and verbal abuse. Even though Flash Thompson seems like a fairly one-dimensional character right now, the joke in Spider-Man: Far From Home is actually building a comic-accurate backstory.

Flash's Backstory Makes Him Just Like Some Of The MCU's Biggest Heroes

Exploring Flash's backstory and his relationship with his father is actually perfect for the MCU because some The franchise's greatest heroes have deep troubles with their fathers. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. With theme of paternity, explore the relationship between Peter Quill and Ego, and the relationship between Gamora and Nebula and his father Thanos. Tony Stark has a bad relationship with his father, Howard Stark, while Hope Van Dyne is still reconciling with Hank Pym. The MCU even suggests that villains like Loki are shaped by his relationship with his adoptive father, Odin.

Although Flash Thompson is only a supporting character in Spider-Man: Far From Home, he has the potential to play a larger role in the future of the MCU. In the comics, The Flash became the superhero Agent Venom after losing his legs in battle, and remains a protagonist to this day. The MCU could make Flash's enlistment a product of his desire to escape his father, or his motivation for becoming a hero is his desire to use his family's wealth to help others. Spider-Man: Far From Home's Flash Thompson has a ton of road right now thanks to these two woeful jokes.

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