90 Day Fiancé's Rebecca Offers Return Video Of To begin with Night With Zied

90 Day Fiancé season 8 alum Rebecca Parrott offers a return video of the primary night she went through in Tunisia with her now-husband, Zied Hakimi.

90 Day Fiancé season 8 alum Rebecca Parrott shared a return video of the primary night she went through with her spouse, Zied Hakimi. Fans to begin with ought to know private examiner and restaurant supervisor, Rebecca, as she traveled to Tunisia to meet Zied for the primary time amid 90 Day Fiancé: Some time recently the 90 Days season 3. Before long after, Rebecca recorded for the K-1 visa and brought Zied to America where they eventually made it down the path amid 90 Day Fiancé season 8. Rebecca and Zied’s relationship has been a violent one due to social and devout contrasts, coupled with Zied’s achiness to visit the family.

In spite of their hardships, the couple appears to be upbeat and in cherish, as Rebecca shared a nostalgic video on her Instagram. The video was captured amid Rebecca and Zied’s to begin with night together in Tunisia. Within the video, Rebecca and Zied conversation around their to begin with day together, as well as seeing one another at the air terminal for the primary time. Rebecca over and over states how upbeat she is to be with Zied and how appealing she finds him. Rebecca at that point inquires Zied how he feels almost her, saying, “Baby are you cheerful? You’re cheerful with me?” Zied guaranteed her that he is greatly upbeat whereas planting kisses and telling her he cherishes her.

90 Day Fiance's Rebecca Shares Intimate Clip From First Night With Zied

Rebecca captioned the video from the couple’s special night stage, composing, “Ugh we were so googly-eyed in adore. Our to begin with night together ever! On my to begin with trip to meet @tlc_90day_zied. We have come so far… but still precisely as insane approximately each other! I cannot envision my life right presently in the event that I hadn’t had the mettle to believe my heart again.” Rebecca’s post was met with blended responses from fans, with a few commenting their back for Rebecca and Zied, composing, “I required to see this in some cases we need to bounce out on a jump of faith,” whereas others voiced their disturbance at sharing such an insinuate minute on social media. One of the negative fan comments expressed, “Why does this need to be shown on social media? Appreciate your relationship, its none of our business.”

Rebecca and Zied have stunned fans and her family alike, who were doubtful that their relationship would go the remove. Fans may keep in mind that earlier to assembly, she had intensely sifted her social media pictures to seem more youthful. Rebecca was uncertain that her much more youthful boyfriend would not feel the same way approximately her without the channels, which is why she more than once inquires how he feels around her within the domestic video from night one.

Fans have observed Rebecca and Zied explore hitched life on 90 Day Journals and it appears that Rebecca appears more decided than ever to form her relationship fruitful. Zied was still lost his domestic prior this summer, so he chosen to return to Tunisia. Rebecca joined Zied on the trip, which kept going about 5 months. In spite of encountering monetary concerns, lodging issues, as well as movement issues upon returning to the U.S., the 90 Day Fiancé fan favorites appear to be flourishing, as prove by the nostalgic return post.

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