90 Day Fiancé Fan Says Yara, Jovi And Chantel's Photoshop Failed

90 Day Fiancé fans think Yara Zaya, Jovi Dufren and Chantel Everett look almost unrecognizable in new heavily edited Instagram photos.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans mocked Yara Zaya, Jovi Dufren and Chantel Everett in one of the heavily filtered photos on Instagram. The TLC trio recently stunned fans when they unexpectedly met in person and shared an Instagram Story. According to their post, the 90 Day Fiancé stars hung out at the famed New Orleans restaurant Desi Vega's Steakhouse. During the dinner, the three of them took a group photo and showed off their beautiful looks and stunning outfits.

However, 90 Day Fiancé viewers weren't too impressed with Yara, Chantel, and Jovi, as some of their photos appeared to be heavily filtered and faked, at least according to fans. Recently, fan account 90dayfianceupdate shared Chantel's Instagram story, in which she posted a photo together and thanked the 90 Day Fiancé couple from Season 8 for inviting her to dinner. In the photo, the three crew members of "90 Days of Fiancé" hold drinks in their hands and smile at the camera with excitement. Unfortunately, fans immediately accused them of using a filter and looking weirdly unrecognizable. "Who are they????" one Instagram user wrote while expressing their disbelief. “Wayyyy to [sic] much [Facetune],” another user chimed in while mocking them.

90 Day Fiancé Fans Ask If Yara & Chantel Underwent New Cosmetic Procedures

Many other social media users Totally baffled to see the 90 Day Fiancé stars being nothing like their TV appearances. "Yara doesn't look like herself and Chantel," one Instagram user wrote, casting doubt on whether the pair had undergone cosmetic procedures such as Botox. Another user commented: "Omgosh doesn't recognize her at all - she clearly puts a lot of work into her face." Someone asked Chantel if she wanted to look "white," adding, "These guys are famous 15 Minutes later crazy to make myself look so different."

Usually, fans don't mind when reality TV stars use a little Facetuning in their photos on social media. However, they were annoyed by the 90 Day Fiancé crew, with too many filters and edits in every photo they posted. It's also the reason many fans were confused by Yara, Jovi, and Chantel's unexpected reunion, since nearly everyone in their picture together didn't look like themselves. Since many 90 Day Fiancé viewers were already tired of seeing Yara's Photoshop posts on Instagram, they were even more annoyed to see overly edited reunion photos.

Nice to meet Jovi, Yara and Chantel though Meet and have a good time together. Some fans are happy that all three actors are doing well in their respective lives and wish they could see them on TV. Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers also want to see Yara and Chantel in the spinoff, because they're destined to create a lot of drama thanks to their supposedly self-absorbed personalities. If the producers of 90 Day Fiancé don't find the idea amusing, the Ukrainian woman might guest star on next season of The Family Chantel.

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