14 Zootopia Jokes Disney Fans Missed

Zootopia may be full of more overtly funny moments, but it also has plenty of more subtle jokes for fans to catch.

Zootopia is a wonderful Disney movie that covers serious issues like racism and sexism in the modern world. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin (Judy Hopps) and Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde), who use their voice skills to create characters from disparate backgrounds who must unite Rise up to solve Judy's first case as a police officer.

While the Disney film manages to address serious issues, it still manages to deliver plenty of hilarious jokes throughout. Some of the jokes are brilliant, but hard to locate without careful inspection.

We Are Good At Multiplying

Kids might think Judy Hopps and her 275 siblings are cute. However, there is an underlying joke that bunnies have lots of babies. However, when Judy talks to Nick later in the movie and shows that she's not at the mercy of people, she lets him fall for his crimes.

Judy points out how much money Nick makes every year as a popsicle vendor, and that he never pays taxes. She then said that rabbits are good at "reproducing," which means having lots of babies. It's another fun moment for the adults, but the kids miss it.

Duke Weaselton Is A Frozen Reference

In Frozen, there is a rough character named Duke Wesselton. He's the wig-wearing aristocrat who tries to dance with Anna, much to her disgust. Whenever someone mispronounced his name as Weasel-ton, he corrected them with the correct pronunciation.

This is a joke in Zootopia. Among the DVD pirates that Judy arrests for theft early in the film is the Duke of Wesselton. Whenever someone mispronounces his name, he makes sure they know it's pronounced Weasel-ton, the exact opposite of the Frozen character.

All The Bootleg DVDs Add Animals

When Nick and Judy go to Wesselton for help later in the film, he refuses. Duke is a DVD smuggler just as Nick is a popsicle hustler. He even told a potential client that he had all the best movies, including some that hadn't yet been released.

These films are all Disney films featuring animals. Tangled becomes Wrangled. Big Hero 6 becomes Pig Hero 6. Wreck-It Ralph becomes Wreck-It Rhino. It's impressive when Duke says he has movies that haven't been released yet. He has Floatzen 2 (Frozen 2). Zootopia came out three years before the release of Frozen II.

Mr. Big And His References To The Godfather

When Judy and Nick End When he was dragged in front of Mr. Da, he turned out to be a powerful local mafia boss. Nick knew that the little shrew could kill anyone if he gave the order. When he ordered Judy and Nick to be "iced," it would have happened a long time ago had it not been for his daughter, who was getting married that day.

These are all references to the classic gangster film The Godfather. This is a movie that most young Disney fans know nothing about. However, the scenes and dialogue are lifted directly from that masterpiece and have parents laughing. They're even back in Zootopia+, where Fru Fru gets an episode of her Bravo-style reality show.

Breaking Bad Reference

In the scene where Judy and Nick sneak into the lab that makes the serum to make the animals "savage", they overhear a lab worker talking on the phone about a sheep named Doug who is talking to his Boss discussing business matters.

When he is on the phone, he mentions "Walt and Jesse are back, so I have to go now." Doug also wears almost the same lab attire as Walt And Jesse's signature outfit in Breaking Bad. Adults who watch this movie with their kids must be pleased with the references to one of the most successful TV shows of all time.

Judy's Disney Music Playlist

When Judy Hopps travels to Zootopia to pursue her dream of becoming the first bunny cop, she decides to cheer herself up by listening to music on the train.

When she scrolls through her music playlist, the songs that come up are parody animal twists on Disney songs, including "Let it Goat" from Frozen (Let it Go), "Part of Your Wool" from "The Little Mermaid" "Part of Your Wool" from Your World) and "Ara-bunny nights" from Aladdin (The Arabian Nights). The movie features countless lovable critter parodies of pop culture that most people don't discover until they dig.

Famous Musicians Get Animal Renditions

The Disney songs on Judy's music playlist are not the only ones imitating animals. As Judy scrolls through music artists on her phone, she also meets several famous musicians we all know and love, who all have their own animal shows.

These artists on her playlist include Fleetwood Yak (Fleetwood Mac), Fur Fighters (Foo Fighters), Guns N' Rodents (Guns N' Roses), Hyena Gomez (Selena Gomez), Kanine West (Kanye West) and Mick Jaguar (Mick Jagger). Zootopia is always finding creative ways to connect our modern world to the animal world, and this is just one of many examples.

Stores In Zootopia Are Also Animalized

As mentioned, almost every pop culture reference in Zootopia has its own animal pun, including famous stores and commercials we all know and love. When Judy first goes to Zootopia, she puts everything away and stares at all the billboards, shops, and advertisements in a place reminiscent of Times Square in New York.

These stores and ads include Mousey's (Macy's), Targoat (Target), Preyda (Prada) DNKY (DKNY), Just Zoo It (Just Do It) and Lulu Lemmings (Lululemon). Zootopia always impresses the audience with her ability to "pun"!

Sloths As DMV Workers

The sloths in Zootopia are probably the funniest element of the whole movie, their slow motion in an emergency situation makes the audience laugh out of frustration... because although Judy is expected to solve the case of the missing otter to keep her working , they couldn't help yelling at the sloth Their impossibly slow nature.

However, the fact that they are sloths is not the only reason for their slowness. What really makes them doubly unhurried is that they are sloths who happen to work at the DMV. The DMV is notoriously slow to move employees, at least according to the stereotype. Adults watching with kids will most likely get kicked out of the scene if they ever have to suffer through the DMV.

Elephant In The Room

The idiom suggesting that there is an "elephant in the room" suggests a situation where a problem is weighing on people and no one wants to fix it. In Zootopia's case, there was actually an elephant in the room, and it was her birthday!

In the opening scene, Chief Bogo (Idris Elba) discusses a few things for the team, and he includes the fact that "we need to address the elephant in the room". Then he turned to Francine the elephant and wished her a happy birthday. This is just the first of many cute critter puns that open the film.

Frozen Outfits

for a brief moment In the movie, you can see two baby elephant children dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Disney loves to reference other Disney movies in their films, and here's a clear example of that. While in Zootopia, you can also catch babies in the prams of Mickey Mouse plush figures, and you can catch Aladdin's Genie Lamp.

There's nothing like a Disney crossover moment, and nobody does it better than Zootopia. But believe it or not, that's not the only reference to Frozen in the movie...

Let It Go!

There's a scene in Zootopia where Cheif Bogo references Frozen, and Disney fans were quick to notice that he was quoting Disney One of the most popular songs, Let It Go, was sung by Idina Menzel. Perhaps poking fun at their own brand, Chief Bogo tells Judy "Life isn't a musical that makes your dreams come true, so let it go!".

Disney films seem to have become more and more realistic over the years compared to the fairytale elements that these films initially flourished on. Perhaps one of the first Disney films to be considered more practical and realistic was Frozen, because The way it portrays love and relationships. Now Zootopia is following in Frozen's footsteps (and often referencing it).


In 2007, Joe Biden called Barack Obama "articulate", a term considered racist and condescending when referring to minorities. In Zootopia, Judy (a rabbit) calls Nick (a fox) "a real glib guy," and Nick hilariously responds to her by pointing out how condescending she sounds.

This is definitely a joke that most younger viewers won't understand, but older fans of Zootopia may have recalled that cringe-worthy moment with Biden and Obama, and are at least surprised that something as innocent as a Disney movie would employ such a theme and adult reference.

Who Voices The Sloth?

Celebrities. They are just like normal people! Like regular fans, they're obsessed with things and geeks. Taylor Swift is known for her obsession with law and order. Jason Segel is obsessed with puppets. Kristen Bell is obsessed with... sloths?

Exactly. Kristen Bell thinks there's nothing cuter than slow-moving critters, and she's been known to Ellen DeGeneres Show Ellen brings out a sloth for her to meet. That's why her voice-over cameo as one of the DMV's sloths is so endearingly iconic.

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