10 Funniest Adam Sandler Movie Moments

From goofy slapstick to poignant humor, Adam Sandler has crafted crowd-pleasing comedies of all genres for nearly 30 years.

Adam Sandler has been a major figure in comedy since he first appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1990. He has a movie or special coming out almost every year, and the 2022 premiere of The Hustle on Netflix will be no exception.

For nearly 30 years, Sandler starred in comedies ranging from absurd farces to charming romances. Each film has a core that makes the jokes the funniest, and each is filled with hilarious lines, situations, and moments of physical comedy that never go out of style.

Get In Your Home

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore provided half of the studio's name for Adam Sandler's production: Happy Madison. It goes to show how important golf movies are to the Adam Sandler saga. Like many of his comedies, the plot is simple: Gilmore must win a golf tournament to save his grandma's house.

But this simple line belies countless amusing moments, including one in which Happy misses a putt by an inch. The ball landed on the edge of the middle hole, and Sandler sprawled on the ground, screaming face-to-face into the camera, "That's your home! Are you too?" Is it good for your family? At the ball.

Brought To My Attention Yesterday

The Wedding Singer (1998)

"The Wedding Singer" is one of Adam Sandler's best films, with some of the most charming and moving scenes in any of his films. Simple Hometown Life .At the beginning of the movie, his fiancée leaves him for this reason.^ She comes to visit him the next day and explains why she is against him. She says she will never marry him, to which Sanders replies, "The information was yesterday Might be more useful to me. ” Their argument escalated causing Sanders to unleash his trademark rage and scream the same points that made them yesterday.

Big Daddy makes an interesting twist on the standard Sandler formula. He’s still a boy, but he Now in charge of taking care of a real child. This comedy from his attempt to navigate both adulthood and parenthood is funny and heartwarming, making it one of the most rewatched Dam Sandler movies.

Microsoft Went Down Three Points

Big Daddy (1999)

In one scene, Sandler takes five-year-old grocery shopping. He picks up a can of spaghetti and throws it out It said on the ground that dented cans were on sale. They need it because "Microsoft is down three points," which means his investments are underperforming. The joke is brought back a minute later when the kid slams the can and repeats the same line.

Adam Sandler channeling Happy Gilmore in a sports scene in the 2002 comedy Mr. Deeds about Longfellow Deeds ), the pizzeria owner who happens to be the last heir to a billionaire. His down-to-earth personality clashes with the wealthy upper-class people he knows.

Tennis With Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds (2002)

An early scene in the film has Deeds playing his first tennis match with Chuck Cedar, played by Peter Gallagher, who is secretly fighting against him. Instead of softly hitting the ball back and forth, Deeds flew each tennis ball back into Cedar's face or the caddy sitting at the net. Every cringe gets more fun.

Another origin of the name "Happy Madison Productions" is Billy Madison, whom they would have known first if they had missed his relatively short stint on SNL. In Billy Madison, Sandler plays Madison, who must complete middle and high school in order to inherit his father's business.

A Simple Wrong...

Billy Madison (1995)

Every scene in this film is worth a laugh, but one of the best scenes comes during the academic confrontation between Sandler and Bradley Whitford's character during the academic decathlon. Sandler answered a dangerous question incorrectly, and the host responded with a 30-second monologue about how stupid Sandler was. Sandler's response -- "Well, a simple 'mistake' will do" -- becomes one of the film's best jokes.

Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore isn't the only reason this film is a comedy classic, special mention needs to be made of Christopher McDonald as the shooter McGavin. Archer is the paragon of a country club golfer who thinks he's the greatest. If there's a sequel to "Happy Gilmore," The Shooter will need to be in it.

Rhyming With Shooter

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Whenever Sandler and McDonald share a scene together, it's bound to be hilarious. One scene involves Shooter and Happy exchanging barbs over cocktails, and Shooter ends up uttering a silly-sounding rhyme, and Happy doesn't let it go. "How about I go get some hay. I can make stuff out of clay..." is a hilarious response to someone who takes themselves too seriously.

Adam Sandler 2008 A comedy about an Israeli special forces soldier could be a disaster if it's not carefully balanced with comedy and sensitive material. But in the end, "You Don't Mess with Zohan" does its subject matter fairly and honestly, while still having fun with the material.

Cat Sack

You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008)

In one scene, Sandler, Nick Swardson, Lainie Kazan, and Ido Mosseri all get together to discuss Zohan's interest in a girl. After the talk, they celebrate their talk by playing a game of "cat bag," which is just Hacky Sack and a live cat. It's ubiquitous and seen as a perfectly normal game. The cat that lands unharmed on the curtain also makes it ridiculous rather than mean.

50 First Dates is a romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a woman with amnesia who loses track of the past every 24 hours. Sandler is trying new ways to woo her every day, which is the backdrop for many funny jokes.

Make It Look Good

50 First Dates (2004)

In one attempt, he and a friend played by Rob Schneider launch an attack so Barrymore can come to Sandler's rescue. But their posing is a bit too Real because Barrymore ended up beating Schneider with a metal baseball bat, and Sandler grimaced and silently apologized.

Waterboy is one of the underrated Adam Sandler films. It's about a water boy on a college football team who ends up being the team's leader and leading them to the school's best season. One of Sandler's most iconic characters, Bobby Boucher is one of the finest examples of the "Sandler voice," which is part baby, part angry child, part sarcastic adult.

Water Sucks

The Waterboy (1998)

This is one of Sandler's most absurd films. One of the film's funniest moments is a surreal scene in which Boucher's trainer tells him "water sucks, Gatorade is better." This infuriates Boucher so much that he envisions every player on the opposing team using his coach's head to laugh at him about how great Gatorade is compared to water.

Chris Farley died too early, so only a few films to his name show what he could have been. Nicknamed as friends of the "SNL Bad Boys" who often worked together, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and David Spade, He has appeared in many Happy Madison Productions.

That Veronica Vaughn

Billy Madison (1995)

In a scene with Billy Madison, Chris Farley plays a crazy bus driver in a middle school class, and Sandler is also in it. Farley tried to talk about the teacher, "that Veronica Vaughn," he said, and tried to befriend Sandler about how he wanted to date the woman. The way Sandler dismisses "man talk" is hilarious.

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