10 Disney Villains to Create in Dungeons and Dragons (and How to Build Them)

Disney villains are some of the most iconic characters in all of pop culture, and their otherworldly personalities are a perfect fit for 5e.

Disney is still a giant in the industry, with films like "Wish" and "Quantum Fever" set to hit theaters next year as they continue to conquer pop culture. There are several reasons for their success, one of which happens to be their flashy and memorable roster of villains.

These villains are embraced by a large number of fans despite their despicable actions. For this reason, they are a popular base for building characters in Dungeons and Dragons. Their powers and personalities are a perfect fit for the chaotic nature of the average RPG team.

Gaston - Oath of Glory Paladin 20

Most people agree that paladins have to be these steadfast heroes, selfless and good. However, it is not. Paladins are characterized by loyalty to their oath. In this case, Gaston fits perfectly with the creed that honor paladins abide by. Glorious deeds, great challenges, and a honed body all belong to Gaston's ability to focus on himself.

Gaston, as his own song proclaims, "perfect, a paragon of purity." Inspiring Smite's Channel Divinities (granting allies temporary HP after a hit) and Peerless Athlete (boosting stamina) perfectly evoke these words. For specialties, truly accepting athlete specialties To hone Gaston's strong muscles. It's easy to forget that Gaston was a hero from a mob point of view.

Evil Queen - Archfey Warlock 20

The wicked queen gives up her soul to the sinister mountain spirit in exchange for great power and supernatural beauty. This is the perfect origin story for Archfey Warlock. Fey Presence and Beguiling Defenses captivated those around her, explaining how she rose to power so quickly. Dark Delirium could easily be attributed to her "eternal sleep" curse cast on Snow White.

For Eldritch Invocations, Mask of Many Faces and Beguiling Influence are early game essentials. At level 15, choose Master of Shapes to further enhance the Evil Queen's shapeshifting abilities. For the feat, the casting feat should be used to showcase the Evil Queen's uncanny ability to hide her true self from others. What a great way to play Disney's first iconic female villain.

John Silver - Armorer Artificer 8/Arcane Trickster 12

John Silver, an R.L.S. heritage, formed a close friendship with the young Jim Hawkins. Unfortunately, he betrays the entire ship and reveals that it was all a ruse to steal all the loot for himself on the titular treasure planet. he is A pirate through and through, but in a unique sci-fi setting.

To reflect his Cybernetic enhancements, an Armorer with the Infiltrator armor feat at level 8 should be chosen. Infusion "Homunculus Servant" easily stands for his faithful pet Morph. From there, Arcane Trickster Rogues fits better into John Silver's pampering approach, focusing on evoking spells to mirror the plasma technology he uses in battle.

Jafar - Genie Warlock 20

Jafar is the Sultan's serpentine advisor, whose entire goal is to steal the Genie's Lamp from Aladdin. When he succeeds, Genie takes on a distinct red form emphasizing fiery rage. In this case, the Efreeti Genie is the perfect choice for Jafar. As for Eldritch Invocations, be sure to pick up the Faceted Mask and any Chain Contract buffs.

Speaking of which, Jafar should be the contract of the chain warlock. Apparently, his familiar is Iago with the beautiful voice. Make sure to use Illusion spells first, as they are Jafar's specialty. For feats, be sure to choose Elementalist, to make Jafar's offensive fire spells even more powerful. The rest of the equipment is chosen by the player Because Jafar is a very diverse spell caster.

Doctor Facilier - Archfey Warlock 3/Shadow Sorcerer 17

Doctor Facilier, voiced by the melodious voice of Keith David, is a con man and voodoo witch doctor who tricks Prince Naveen into becoming the titular "Frog". Along with his loyal shadow, Dr. Facilier is an unorthodox threat with access to several powerful minions. Beginning with Archfey Warlock, reflecting the Facilier's pact with the voodoo spirit of the swamp.

For calls, opt for the chain contract feature to enhance the familiar "support shadow". As for the Aggressive Shadow, that's covered by the Shadow Mage class. Omen Hound, Shadow Walk, and Shadow Form are all his abilities in the movie. For even more flavor, be sure to ask the DM about the Deck of Many Things.

Scar - Shadow Sorcerer 6/Whispers Bard 14

Scar is Mufasa's scheming younger brother. Scar's core traits are his ability to speak well and his propensity to delegate the dirty work to his hyenas. A Tabaxi Shadow Wizard at level 6 is enough to give Scar access to Ill Omen's hounds. These hounds were seasoned to look like hyenas. Take the feat Metamagic Adept to make up for the sorcery point deficit that stopped at 6th.

After that, focus on Whispers Bard, because that's perfect for Scar's modus operandi of gaslighting enemies. Horror discourse and shadow lore are so focused on "dark secrets," and that's how Scar has manipulated Simba for so long. Expertise should be used to deceive and intimidate. Save spell slots for more omen hounds, and avoid direct combat unless it's for cheap hits. Like Scar.

Claude Frollo - Vengeance Paladin 19/Ranger 1

As Gaston sees it, paladins are not necessarily beacons of moral virtue. Sometimes, they simply follow those who are passionately committed to their cause. Judge Claude Frollo is the embodiment of revenge for the French people. His hatred of those he believes "has committed a great crime" is the perfect host for a vow of vengeance.

Hateful Oath, Relentless Avenger, and Vengeful Spirit represent his single-minded pursuit of rebels and exiles, as Frollo is known for his skills in catching "enemies of France". Natural enemies of man, and natural explorers of the Underdark, where rebels often hide. This impregnation is done at stage 2.

Ursula - Fathomless Warlock 20

Ursula is Sea Magic, with or without the Trident, was always seen as the main threat to the kingdom. Ursula should have been built as Triton's unfathomable warlock. Abyssal tentacles and grabbing tentacles are self-explanatory. Just look at Ursula's designs. Gift of the sea. Sea Soul and Abyss are just abilities that any Sea Witch can look forward to.

Take the Pact of Blades and turn the weapon into a trident. Spells like Beguiling Influence, Improved Pact Weapon, and Lifedrinker evoke the powers Ursula possessed in the film. As far as merit goes, War Caster favors Ursula's surprisingly toughness, requiring an entire ship to be rammed into her to actually take her down. Even so, she casts a powerful storm spell.

Yzma - Artificer Alchemist 20

Compared to most Disney villains, Izma's clumsy nature makes her seem more attractive. Despite her proficiency in alchemy, she is often cursed by bad luck or her own incompetence. Anyway, she did manage to turn Kuzco into a llama, so alchemist still fits her.

Gained the Poisoner feat to further blend in with her decidedly evil Poisoner vibe, as it allows Yzma to apply Poison as a bonus action for her weapon. If no one else wants to play Kronk, use the Summon Construct spell and summon a Summon Kronk. For the infusion, an alchemy-flavored replica alchemy pot and a bat-cloak for Yzma's stunning (and useful) outfit.

Maleficent - Wildfire Druid 20

As far as Disney villains are concerned, she is the poster girl, and Maleficent represents everything a Disney villain should be. Arrogant, powerful and unabashedly charming in their own way. Start with winged tieflings for horns and flight, then start leveling up wildfire druids. Almost all class traits represent Maleficent's total control over her wildfire.

For feats, choose Elemental Adept to further enhance Fire spells. Outside of Fire spells, Entangle, Thorn Whip, Thorn Wall, and Moving Earth represent her control over nature, something she prefers to use in the 2014 version. Tier 4 with Shapechange or higher CR Wild Shape can turn into a mighty dragon.

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